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  • I.   What
    The Brookwood High School STEAM Program is an opportunity for students who are interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas in addition to Fine Arts. It is focused on hands-on and real-world experiences, problem solving, application, exploration, innovation, and integration of multiple disciplines. The Class of 2016 were the first students eligible to join the STEAM Program. 

    II.   Who
    Students may apply to participate in a two-year cohort program that is focused on meeting four STEAM program criteria: Academic Coursework, including Fine Arts; Extracurricular STEAM Clubs or Activities; Real-World STEAM Connections; Field Study Experience and Capstone Project. 

    III.  When
    Rising juniors may apply for the STEAM program in the spring of their sophomore year.  Junior year of the STEAM Program will be based on ensuring completion of the four criteria and the senior year, in most cases, will be focused on completing the Field Study Experience and Capstone Project.  Juniors and Seniors may also apply to join their respective cohort during April/May or December/ January each year. 

    IV.   How
    Students will work with a STEAM Advisor during their two-year program. The Advisor will assist the STEAM students in meeting the criteria requirements including planning and completing the Field Study Experience and Capstone Project.

    V.  Why
    Many sources state that STEM jobs are increasing at a rapid pace and authors challenge schools to begin preparing students early. Furthermore, some researchers note that integration of fine arts with the STEM disciplines can help students to apply their STEM learning in meaningful ways, both in school and the workplace.  The specific benefits of participation in the Brookwood High School STEAM Program are rooted in experiential and relational opportunities that many students do not receive at the high school level. This includes the extensive Field Study Experience which is focused on either an internship or research project that culminates in a Capstone Project. In addition, the advanced coursework and participation in extracurricular activities as well as STEAM-specific workshops, speakers, and field trips will help to prepare well-rounded students for post-secondary opportunities in college and the workforce.  Participants will also receive tangible rewards for their completion of the program pathway requirements.