Brookwood Model UN

  • The mission of Brookwood Model UN is to:

    • Participate in Model UN conferences.  
    • Enhance student knowledge of world issues by providing a forum in which students may research and present solutions to world problems. 
    • Provide students with an opportunity to learn about the functions and structure of the United Nations, and its role in the world today 
    • Offer students a chance to collaborate with students and debate issues of international politics, current events, and historical moments, and practice with teamwork and cooperation. 

    Planned Activities: 

    Students will meet once or twice a week to prepare for the Georgia State University High School Model UN conference and the Kennesaw State University Model UN conference. 

    Teacher Sponsors: 

    Danielle Kaiser and Jack Branch

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  • Club By-Laws

    Click here to read the Brookwood Model UN club by-laws.