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    Thrive is a new student-initiating club at Brookwood.

    We find that self-development, time management, and habit creation are essential skills that can help anyone find more satisfaction and success in life. In Thrive, we will teach you how and why these skills are important, so that your journey to become the person you always wanted to be is as effortless as possible. 

    First Meeting

    Wednesday, SEPT 1, at 2:20 p.m. in A211

    Club Officers

    Julia Peng, Han Nguyen, and Aliyah Anderson 


    During in-person meetings, we will focus on learning/developing the essential skills (i.e., personal development, time management, and habit creation) through lessons and activities. During zoom meetings, we will either host a “study/work with us” session or teach another lesson.

    Teacher Sponsor

    Mr. Kling
    Room A211