Genes in Diseases and Symptoms Club (GIDAS)

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    Purpose of the Club

    1. To allow students to learn about genes and how they change due to environmental factors. Knowledge of how genes work together can give students insight into the growing field of personalized medicine and growing technology.
    2. Provide students with the opportunity to conduct their own college level research on a disease of their choice.
    3. Provide a positive, educational space where students interested in science can push themselves and learn more about their scientific interests.



    1. Membership is open to any currently enrolled Brookwood High School student interested in genomics, medicine, or science in general.
    2. Dues will be $10 dollars for each member and can be paid on mypaymentsplus



    General meetings will be held bimonthly, with optional research meetings held

    throughout the month. Meetings will be held either in F17 or in a computer lab at 2:20 PM.



    1. Computational biology research.
    2. Guest lectures by genomics experts.
    3. Fundraising for the Disease of the Year.


    Teacher Sponsor

    Dr. Chetram

  • chemistry flasks
  • DNA
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