Newspaper, Broadcasting, Magazine, Yearbook

  • This is a co-curricular activity. This class publishes the school newspaper both online and in traditional print.

    Eligibility: Students in grades 9-12 must apply to enroll in this course. Students must have basic computer skills, good writing skills, ability to meet deadlines, ability to work with a team, and positive teacher recommendations.

    Meetings: Meet in Room E17 and E9 (lab).

    Time Commitment: Additional hours during deadline and required outside-of-class ad sales and fundraising

    Sponsor: Ms. Valentine  

Literary Magazine: Pegasus

  • Brookwood's literary magazine, Pegasus, is published once a year and distributed free to Brookwood students.  Pegasus accepts submissions throughout the year for poetry, prose, and art, and the literary magazine also sponsors Brookwood's talent show in the spring. 

    Contact: Mr. Kling or

Newspaper: The Sentinel

  • Brookwood's Student Newspaper

    Print and now in online editions

    About the Class
    This class meets daily during 7th period, in E-9. This class is by application only.  Students who are interested in the newspaper class are encouraged to pick up an application in January, at least four (4) weeks prior to registration. All newspaper candidates are selected based on classroom performance, teacher recommendations, application, writing skills, and grades.

    Advertising in The Sentinel
    Our paper is produced/ printed through the money brought in from our patrons and advertisers. If you are interested in placing an ad in our newspaper, or supporting us as a patron, please fill out our ad contract and mail it to us with your payment. (You may also drop it off to the front office.)

    Contacting The Sentinel staff:

    Email address:
    Office Phone: 770-736-2191
    Advisor EmailRobin Valentine

Yearbook: Cayuse

    Yearbook staff is open to all students who maintain an overall B average and also maintain a B average or better in Language Arts. Staff size is limited and try-outs are held in the spring. Contact teacher Mrs. Chatham via her email.
    Yearbooks will only be sold online. Go to If this is not an option for you, please contact the yearbook staff at 770-736-2193. Yearbooks may be purchased beginning in August, and sales will end on March 31 - unless we meet our quota before March 31.
    Prices are as follows:

              August - $75
              September - $80
              October - $85
              November - $90
              December - $95
              January through March - $105
    NOTE: There is no guarantee that yearbook sales will remain open through March, as sales will close when we meet our quota. 

  • Brookwood Broadcasting is an award-winning program at Brookwood High School taught by Mr. Dana Kling and Coach Jack Gayle that features student-produced work for the BHS student body and community. Students who are interested in Video Production techniques and learning the skills for Broadcast Journalism have an opportunity to participate in a series of classes designed to start at the basic level and extend to more advanced filmmaking skills.

    1st Year Coursework:

    • CT*371 Introduction to Video Production [CT*: Communication Technologies]
    • CT 373 Media & Culture

    These two classes learn the basics of camera use, editing, and project production. They also learn to operate the studio equipment in order to produce the “live” version of Around Brookwood in Minutes (ABIM is the weekly BHS school announcements show) that is shown school-wide during Guided Study. Editing skills focus on learning to use Casablanca Prestige units.

    2nd Year Coursework:

    •  CT 372 Introduction to Video Production II
    • CT 374 Non-Narrative Directing

    The second year courses continue to produce the daily ABIM show until the Intro class learns how to do it as well as producing news & school related projects that air in an edited version of ABIM on Fridays. Second semester focuses on news and non-narrative projects like documentaries and PSA’s. Advanced editing on Prestige as well as learning the basics of Avid Express Pro are part of the focus of this year’s coursework.

    3rd Year Coursework:

    • CT 375 Narrative Directing
    • CT 376 Portfolio Production

    The third year of Broadcasting begins with a study of filmmaking that includes learning to write original scripts, the steps in producing a narrative film, participating in the production of a narrative film, and editing it to a finished project. We also produce Brookwood Up-Close, a monthly magazine-format show, that presents news, information, and entertainment segments to the BHS student body. Brookwood Up-Close is an award-winning show that continues to entertain and inform the BHS community as well as provide the Advanced Broadcasting students opportunities to improve and fine-tune their television production skills.

    4th Year Coursework:

    • CT 377 Internship I
    • CT 378 Internship II

    Students who are fortunate enough to be able to schedule four years of Broadcasting courses into their schedule, get the opportunity to train new Broadcasting students on techniques and equipment and/or participate as a second-year student in the Brookwood Up-Close class. Introductory and advanced students benefit greatly from these students’ experience and creativity as they assist them in project creation and advanced Broadcasting techniques.