• Brookwood Executive Board (BXB) is an organization for rising Juniors and Seniors whose focus is on developing the leaders of Brookwood and its culture in a positive and constructive direction. Members of this organization work together to build and strengthen their own leadership skills while empowering and building other leaders throughout the school. This organization represents leadership through togetherness and community, taking its demographic from all different clubs, athletics, organizations, and general student body of Brookwood as a whole.

    Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT) is an organization to develop student leaders at the county level by providing them with opportunities to meet, collaborate and study with other student leaders from all of Gwinnett’s Public High Schools. The members learn leadership concepts from national professionals in the fields of business and leadership. The program is a three-year obligation. Students participate during their 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years. Sophomores are invited to apply in the fall.

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