American Sign Language Club

  • Our mission is to learn and practice American Sign Language while exploring Deaf culture. We meet monthly for interactive lessons, guest speakers, and cultural events. Open to all skill levels, our club offers a supportive environment to enhance your ASL skills, build community connections, and promote inclusivity. Engage in social activities and volunteer opportunities that bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing communities.

    Educating BHS students about Deaf Culture and how to be a positively contributing ally.

    • Meetings
      Once per month, after school, Room B@ or A204

    • Membership

      Dues $15

    • TeacherS

      Katie Rossino & Kimberly Barahona

    • Instagram @bhs._.aslc

    • Officers

      President- Matthew Evenchick

      VP- Madeline Huff & Addison Callahan

      Secretary- Jadine Donatien

      Historian- Ansley Hollingshead

      Communications- Marjotie Santiesteban-Pizarro