About the Mentorship Club

  • The mission of the Brookwood Mentorship Club is to inform and advise underclassmen on opportunities available to them at Brookwood.

    • We welcome all students.
    • We want to assist underclassmen who are seeking advice and guidance from those who have gone before them.
    • Underclassmen will be paired with an upperclassman who can assist in answering any questions they may have related to AP classes, dual enrollment, and extracurriculars. 


  • We'll meet TUESDAYS in B226 on the following dates:

            August 29
            September 19
            October 17
            November 14
            December 5

    We'll cover these topics and more:

    •  Clubs and other extracurricular activities   

    •  AP and dual enrollment classes

    • Opinions from upperclassmen 

Membership Dues

  • What is Mentoring?

Club Sponsor

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