Artificial Intelligence Mentor Club

  • The AI Mentor Club at Brookwood High School Is all about diving into the world of artificial intelligence. We're here to learn how AI works, what we can do with it, and how it affects the world around us. From hands-on projects to deep discussions, we're exploring AI's potential and its ethical side. Whether you're just curious or already passionate about AI, come join us as we uncover the exciting possibilities of this technology!

    Club Sponsors

    Sydney Morrow Gonzalez & Dean Jackson

    Club Purpose/Goals

    The AI club is all about helping us grasp and value artificial intelligence. We're digging into how AI works in the real world and what it means for us ethically. It's about getting ready for the future technological opportunities coming our way and the big questions it brings.

    • Education: To educate members about the basics of artificial intelligence, including its history, fundamental concepts, and practical applications.

    • Hands-on Experience: To provide hands-on experience with AI technologies through projects and workshops, allowing members to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

    • Ethical Awareness: To promote discussions and awareness about the ethical implications of AI, encouraging members to consider the societal impacts of AI technologies.

    • Skill Development: To develop technical skills relevant to AI, such as programming, data analysis, and machine learning, that are valuable in a variety of fields.

    • Career Preparation: To prepare members for future academic and career opportunities in AI and related fields by providing resources and networking opportunities.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the AI club would be to provide hands-on experience with AI technologies, promote AI literacy, and encourage discussions around AI's societal impacts. The club will strive to empower students with knowledge and skills relevant to AI advancements.

    Club Activities

    1. Workshops and Seminars: Regular sessions on AI fundamentals, machine learning models, and ethical AI practices.

    2. Projects: Group projects that apply AI to solve real-world problems, like designing a chatbot for the school or developing predictive models.

    3. Hackathons: Participating in or organizing AI-themed hackathons to foster innovation and problem-solving skills.

    4. Guest Speakers: We are inviting AI professionals and academics to speak about career paths in AI, recent developments, and the future of the technology.

    5. Governance Teaching:Teach students to use AI safely and responsibly.

    Club Meetings

    • Frequency: Once a month every 2nd thursday of the month after school (2:30pm-3:30pm)

    • Format: A mix of formal presentations, interactive workshops, and project work sessions.

    • Special Meetings: Occasional meetings with guest speakers, special training sessions.

    Club Officers

    • Co-presidents (Bella and Kira): Leads the club, organizes meetings, and coordinates with school officials and guest speakers.

    • Community Relations (Isabella): Connects with external and Internal Groups,and is the contact person.

    • Secretary(Ian): Manages documentation, meeting minutes, and club communications.

    • Treasurer(Sophi): Handles any funds, fundraising activities, and budgeting for club expenses.

    • Technical Lead (Teddy): Guides technical projects, assists members with technical issues, and stays updated on AI tools and resources.

    • Social Media(Vicky)-A creative who is showcasing our activities and greatness

    Club and Organization Needs:

    • Funding ($15.00 to join)

    • Room occupied with computers (f-2)