• This is a new club for the 2024-25 school year.

    The purpose of the Sports News & Debate Club is to advance the appreciation of current sports, debate controversial topics respected by all students, and provide an environment in which students can learn to voice informed opinions confidently.

    Planned Activities

    • Researched and collaborated debates regarding controversial sports topics

    • Club-wide discussions about recent headlines in Sports

    • Sports-related questionnaires (trivia) 

    • Tournament-like debates allowing different groups to converse

    • Socratic-like discussions similar to talk shows like First Take




    Belal Ibrahim - Sports have been with me since I knew how to walk. Whether it’s on the field or behind the tv, I’ve always had a passion for it. 

    Noah Asefa - From being a kid to the present day, I’ve loved sports; it’s a culture I’ve been woven into, from playing sports to the heated discussions with peers, sports provide a union of people and ideas whilst creating a competitive community in which I love being a part of.


    Yabsera Molla - Since I was little, I've always been obsessed with everything that was  sports related. Sports are like a way of life for me and also have  shaped the person  I am and how I connect with others.


    Yafet Kebede - Sports have been a way for me to enjoy something in my free time with friends and family. Watching also brings so much excitement and togetherness in a community for me.

    Dean Weber - Sports have played a pivotal part in my life. It has helped me build a strong brotherhood and community with the people around me.


    Nader Adem - Sports have been an integral part of my life, from seeing my favorite of teams winning tournaments to heartbreak on the field, sports have always taken me on an exhilarating journey

Voice Your Opinion

  • Eligibility

    Open to anyone who wants to discuss sports 


    National: National Speech & Debate Association 

    Local: Brookwood Debate Club

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