Japanese Club

  • The focus of the Japanese Club is to explore Japanese culture.


    The first Wednesday of the month (September - May)
     2:20 p.m. to 3 p.m. in A10
    tudents should be picked up at the school's front entrance at the horseshoe by 3:05 p.m.

    During the sessions, students review vocabulary and grammar, culture, do group work, present projects, and more.

    Club Cost: $10

    Club Advisor: Ms. Dembowski  denise.dembowski@gcpsk12.org


  • By-Laws

    The official name of this organization shall be the Japanese Club.

    To promote awareness, appreciation and understanding of the people and diverse culture of the Japanese Speaking world.

    Qualification of Membership: The club has an open membership policy to any interested students at BHS.
    Financial Obligations of Members: The members need to pay an annual membership fee to be determined each school year which covers a snack at each meeting, some crafts and a meal at the last meeting.

    The Japanese Club has a President and Vice President for this student-led club:

    President: The President will attend and head meetings. The President has the primary responsibility for all of the clubs functions and coordinating all school appropriate club activities. The President must be informed on all aspects of the club and conduct relations between the vice president and the club sponsor. The President will act as the official representative of the Japanese Club.
    Vice President: (As of August 13, 2018) This officer will be in charge of attending meetings, particularly those that the President is unable to attend. The Vice President will assist in planning events and oversee the collaboration of others in the club as well as the President. The Vice President will serve as President in the event of withdrawal or removal.

    At the end of the school year, the Sponsor will ask if they would like to serve as an Officer for the following school year. Members will vote for the applicants who will serve as officers. Elections will take place at the last meeting day of the school year.

    Japanese Club will meet the first Wednesday of the month or at the discretion of the Sponsors. The President will meet with the sponsor by the Friday before the meeting to determine what needs to be purchased for the meeting or what will take place at the meeting.

    These by-laws may need to be amended to accommodate the changing needs of the club if the sponsor feels it is necessary. The officers will be responsible for relaying any amendments.