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Berkmar Middle School Principal, Mrs. Felecia Jones

  • Berkmar Middle School Principal, Ms. Kaneshia Robinson

    I am humbled and honored to be selected to serve as the principal of Berkmar Middle School. It is a pleasure to be part of a wonderfully diverse community.  I remain dedicated to valuing each student's rich history, tradition, and experiences and providing an environment where students and families feel a sense of belonging.

    My professional background started 24 years ago as a sixth-grade teacher in Gwinnett County Public Schools. I have taught multiple grade levels and served as an assistant principal at Moore Middle and Berkmar Middle Schools. Throughout my professional journey, I have remained committed to positively impacting students' lives by focusing on building positive relationships, maintaining high expectations, and providing quality rigorous instruction which promotes their future success.


    As I transition into the principalship at Berkmar Middle School, I am grateful for the foundation that Dr. Dorsan has established, and I aim to continue to build upon her legacy of supporting our staff, students, and community through having an open-door policy, a listening ear, and a visible presence. 


    I am committed to student and teacher safety, ongoing clear communication, and valuing different opinions. I pledge to build relationships with you and develop a partnership that ensures the success of our students and the school community. 


    I look forward to seeing you soon.


    In partnership and service,



    Felecia Jones


    Berkmar Middle School



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