• Academic Classes

    Language Arts:  Listening, Speaking, Viewing, Literature (Comprehension, Strategies, and Genre), Reading (Vocabulary), Reading Across the Curriculum, Writing (Strategies), Writing (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics), Writing (Spelling), Accessing Information/Reference Skills

    Mathematics:  Algebra, Geometry-Algebraic Perspective, Computation and Estimation, Number and Number Relationships, Probability, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics

    Science:  Physical Science - Characteristics of Science, Matter, Energy, Force and Motion, Gravity, Waves, and Electricity and Magnetism

    Social Studies:  Georgia Studies - Information Processing Skills, Geographic Understanding, Native American Cultures and Exploration, Georgia's Growth and Expansion, Antebellum, Civil War and Reconstruction, New South, World War II, Post World War II, Civil Rights Movement, Modern Georgia, Civic and Economic Understandings

  • Connection Courses

    Students will have the following courses as an option for their two Connections classes.

    Semester Classes:

    • Health
    • Computer Science
    • Physical Education
    • Reading
    • Visual Arts
    • Math

    Year-Long Classes:

    • Band
    • Biology (Carnegie Credit Course)
    • Chorus
    • Orchestra

  • Work Permit

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