About the Student Dress Code

  • Frank N. Osborne Middle School acknowledges that good grooming and personal attire positively affect student achievement and conduct. Osborne Middle School’s dress code is designed to reduce the likelihood of distraction or disruption and to maintain an academic focus in the classroom and on campus.

    Instruction is interrupted when a student has to be seen by an administrator because of inappropriate dress. If, in the judgment of the administration or staff, a student is dressed inappropriately, the student will be required to change clothing. Often, the student has to miss instruction time while waiting for a change of clothing to be brought to school. The student will call home and may wait in ISS for parent(s).

    The Osborne administration and staff would like the cooperation of the students and parents in reviewing the student’s dress to ensure it meets the following dress code guidelines before the student comes to school.


Dress Code Rules

    • The dress code procedures for students at Osborne Middle School include; 

      • Clothing must cover the body. Undergarments, midriffs, buttocks, etc., should not be exposed. 

      • Caps, hats, hoods, durags, bonnets, and sunglasses should not be worn.

      • Articles of clothing that have words or designs that suggest obscenity, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and/or gang behaviors are prohibited. 

      • Shoes should be worn at all times. Bedroom shoes/slippers and shoes with wheels are prohibited. 

      • Hats and pajamas are only permitted on designated spirit days. Blankets should not be worn at school. 

      • Students should not write or draw on themselves or others.

    • Parents of students not adhering to the dress code procedures may be asked to provide their child with a change of clothes.