• Osborne Middle School’s Hawks Café offers a large variety of meal choices daily.  

    All students will be charged for lunch based on their current eligibility status (Free, Reduced, Full Pay).

    The Middle School lunch price is $2.50 for a regular student lunch and $3.75 for an adult lunch. Once a student purchases a meal, ala carte items may be purchased. The ala carte menu includes bottled water, juice, baked chips, and additional sides and entrées. 

    Parents may add money to their child's account online at MyPaymentsPlus.

    Initially, it takes 24 hours to set up an account. When money is added to the account, it may take 24 hours for the money to be credited to the account. 

    Parents should monitor their MyPaymentsPlus accounts to ensure their student's selections are in keeping with parental wishes and budgets. Parents who have any questions about their child’s meal charges can contact the cafeteria manager.  

    * As a reminder, glass bottles may not be brought to school

    Additional information about the School Nutrition Program is available on the GCPS website.


    The OMS Cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch on every school day. Menus are available via Nutrislice

Free & Reduced Lunch

  • The Free and Reduced Lunch application must be completed at the beginning of each school year. 

    • The online application form is available 24/7 and is a secure environment.
    • Parents are welcome to complete and submit an online application form at any time.
    • When you submit your online form, please make sure you receive a confirmation number.
    • Later, you will be able to use this number to find out the status of your child’s online application.
    • Please note that all online applications submitted this summer will not be processed until a few weeks prior to the beginning of school. However, your child’s approved Free or Reduced eligibility status will be available on the first day of school.

    If you have other questions or need this information in other languages, please contact the Free and Reduced Help Line at 678-301-6307.

    Do you want more information about qualifications and/or application procedures regarding free and reduced meal prices? No need to look any further because the GCPS Free and Reduced Information Page contains answers to common questions, statistical data, and the forms necessary to apply for the current school year.



GCPS School Nutrition

Contact Info

SNP Account Refund Information

  • For information about SNP account refunds, please visit the GCPS Website HERE for more instructions.

GCPS Charge Policy

  • Students:

    • Elementary school students will be allowed to charge up to $11.25.
    • Middle school students will be allowed to charge up to $12.00.
    • High school students will be allowed to charge up $4.00.

    Charges are not allowed for supplemental or ala carte items. Once the charge limit has been met the student may receive a designated alternate meal at no charge as defined by the School Nutrition Program. A charge notice will be completed for each occurrence and notification will be sent home to the parent/guardian through the student. Additionally, once the charge limit has been met the parent/guardian will be notified by the local school via phone call, letter, or email. A charge list will be provided to the Principal at the end of every month and upon request. Charging for meals will not be allowed after April 30th. The charge policy will be communicated to parents/students via student handbooks, SNP & local school websites, and letter. 


    Charges are not allowed for supplemental or ala carte items. Adults at all levels will be allowed to charge a maximum of 1 day to their account. Charging for meals will not be allowed after April 30th.


    Refunds may be processed at the local school level up to $50. Any refund over $50 shall be processed through the SNP Central Office by submitting a Refund Request Form available on the SNP website.

  • This institution is an equal opportunity provider.