• Work Based Learning-WBL

  • What is Work Based Learning (WBL)?

    Students in the WBL program graduate from high school with real-world work experience. They leave high school with an advantage. That might include Office Certifications (Word, Excel, and/or Powerpoint), armed with work skills and community service/volunteer experience, a professional resume and career portfolio, interviewing skills, and the ability to make clear, well thought out decisions about their career aspirations. In addition to work experience, leadership development, and the opportunity to explore career and college options, at least 98% of WBL students (office aides and off-campus) receive multiple college acceptances and attend 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. Our students have taken HONORS and AP classes. Additionally, each year there are several honor graduates that complete the program. These students also actively participate in our nationally recognized Career and Technical Education Student Associations (DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FEA,. Skills USA, and TSA

  • Watch WBL Orientation Video

    WBL Informational Video

  • WBL Requirements

    *Juniors and Seniors only (Must be 16 by September 1st)

    *Must have a job by 8/11/2023
    *Applicant must have transportation to leave campus.
    *Student workplaces must meet all requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act
    *All paid positions must meet the requirements for minimum wage, overtime, child labor, equal pay, and applicable tax withholding, and UNRELATED supervisor.

  • WBL Application

    WBL Application

  • Student Files

    Student Documents

    Work Wage Report

  • Employer Evaluations

    Evaluation Form for General Employability Traits

  • WBL Employer Recruitment Video

    WBL Employer Recruitment Video

  • Business Partner Information

    Minimum Wage Poster

    WBL Business Partner Handbook

    Youth Rules! Teen driving on the job