• Senior Class Info


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    Discovery Senior Class of 2024 Instagram handle: 


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  • Senior Sunrise & Class Panoramic Photo

    Our Senior Sunrise Event will and Class of 2024 Panoramic Photo will be Wednesday, March 27th in the Titan Stadium.

    As soon as you arrive to school, go straight to the stadium, pick up your breakfast at the gate, and find a spot to chill with your friends. Bring your own blankets. Your senior shirt is your ticket in! If you haven't received your shirt yet, you'll be required to show your digital ticket found on your eClass login.

    Gates close at 7:05am.  If you are late, you will be required to go straight to class and will miss the entire event. So make sure you're on time!

    After we take the panoramic photo, you'll go back to your assigned Flex class.

    Watch this video from Dr. Hardman for more details: Class of 2024 Event Updates 

  • Pay Your Dues

    You can order anytime online at www.scholasticimages.com or over the phone at (770) 614-9353!

    Discovery Cap & Gown Packages



    PACKAGE A: $250
    Includes your Senior Dues/Graduation Fees
    along with your Cap, Gown, Tassel, & Stole,
    Diploma & Cover, DHS Shirt, Yardsign, Senior
    Event(s), and Yearbook**!
    Dues paid 2/1 and after will NOT receive a
    yearbook with their senior dues!

    PACKAGE B: $287.10
    Includes everything in Package A
    PLUS: 2024 Key Chain, 2024 Jumbo
    Tassel, and a Mini-Diploma!
    *Mini-Diploma will be mailed home
    by end of summer*

    PACKAGE C: $308.30
    Includes everything in Package B
    PLUS: 2024 Seniors Summit T-Shirt!
    *Package B & C will only be available through 3/31*

    Scholastic Images

    2955 Horizon Park Dr., Suite D, Suwanee, 30024

    When completing your order, remember to include your Student Information (height and weight) AND your Phonetic Name. This will help us prepare for your name to be announced at graduation, please type student's full name phonetically in the fields below. Here are some examples:

    Camp, Amber Alisha: Am-ber A-Lee-Sha Camp
    Huynh, Andrew Thomas: An-drew Thomas When
    Jones, Ashley Daniella: Ash-lee Dan-yell-ah Jones
    Lyons, Justin Sam: Just-ton Sam Lie-yuns

    If you have a suffix please include with last name:

    Justin Sam Lyons, III: Just-ton Sam Lie-yuns, the Third

  • Graduation Announcements and Thank you cards

     Discovery CLASS OF 2024! We cannot believe how quickly 1st semester went by and before you know it, you will be walking across the stage at graduation! Make sure everyone knows how hard you have worked to achieve one of the best moments of your life and announce your graduation with class. 


    Not only will your announcements have your official school crest, but they will also be personalized with your name in the text just like collegiate announcements. We created packages to make ordering even easier, but you can always add more to them, so no one is left out! Orders will ship directly to your house and you will receive tracking information once the order ships out. See the attached flyer to pick which package is best for you and order as soon as possible!


    Scan the QR Code on the Attached Flyer OR Click Below to order your Official Discovery Graduation Announcements, so don’t wait!


    We are so proud of you and honored to celebrate this milestone with you! Congratulations Class of 2024 Graduate!

    We Appreciate You,

    Meagan Castillo, Todd Sims, Carlos Castillo & the entire Scholastic Images Family

    Scholastic Images | Co-Owner

    Herff Jones Independent Sales Partner

    www.scholasticimages.com | Google Profile | O: 770-614-9353

  • Class Ring and Letter Jacket Info

    If ordering a letter jacket, bring a $100 deposit along with proof that you earned your letter (actual award letter or certificate) and we’ll custom size you and walk you through the rest!

    You can also order anytime online at www.scholasticimages.com or over the phone at (770) 614-9353! We can’t wait to see you!

  • Senior Letters

    Attention All Family and Friends of our DHS Class of 2024

    Senior Letters Information

    DEADLINE to submit Senior Letters:

    Friday, Apr 12, 2024

    What is a Senior Letter?

    Senior Letters are positive letters written to your senior candidate for graduation. 

    Letters will be delivered to seniors at Senior Breakfast on Friday, Apr 19, 2024

    What kinds of things can I write about in a senior letter?

    There are many acceptable topics for senior letters. These include:

    • Congratulating the senior on graduating

    • Wishing the senior well in his/her next phase of  life (college, military, career)

    • Reminiscing on fond memories (childhood, school, social gatherings, etc.)

    How do I write a senior letter and get it to a student?

    Senior letters can be written on notebook paper, colored paper, stationary, cards, etc. Please place senior letters in envelopes. In the bottom left hand corner, please write the full name of the student to whom the letter is addressed. It is often easier for a parent to collect the letters and put them in one envelope for the senior. (Please do not use nicknames.)

    How to send a senior letter?

    • Parents and local friends/family may bring their letters to the school and drop them off in the drop box in the front office.  

    • Students and Discovery staff may drop off letters in the Front Office, Mr. Loree’s Office (106), Dr. Black’s Office (Main St), or Mrs. Malcom's room (304). 

    • Staff and friends from our local school cluster may send letters through our interoffice mail carrier.

    • Friends and family who live farther away can mail their letters directly to the school. If you choose to mail your letter, please label the envelope like the example below:

    Who reads the senior letters?

    Senior letters are delivered to students unopened. The only time we open a letter is when the information on the outside does NOT allow us to determine who should receive the letter. In that case we open the letter to try to determine to whom to deliver it.

    Can people send items other than letters?

    NO!! If people want to send money, please have them send it directly to your house. We make EVERY effort to deliver the right letters to the right people, and we are very successful at this, but we wouldn’t want something to accidentally happen to your money. If people want to send you gifts, photo albums, etc., please have them deliver those to your home.

    When can I begin turning in senior letters?

    We are accepting letters NOW,  through Friday, April 12th .  After 4/12/24, we will NOT accept any letters.

    If you have questions, please contact any of the following Senior Sponsors:






    Thank you for helping us recognize the class of 2024!

  • Senior Quote

    Deadline to submit senior quote has passed.

  • Senior Class Shirt

    Thank you for all the submissions and for all Seniors who voted!  The winning shirt design for the Class of 2024 is:

  • Senior Yard Sign

    Yard signs will be delivered with your grad package on April 23rd, May 3rd, and May 10th during ALL lunches!

  • Senior Week

    Senior Week is April 15th - 19th
    • Monday 4/15: Anything-But-A-Backpack Day
    • Tuesday 4/16: Senior Citizen Day
    • Wednesday 4/17: Pajama Day
    • Thursday 4/18: Twin Day & Senior Picnic*
    • Friday 4/19: Senior Class Shirt Day, Senior Breakfast*, & Senior Movie Night**

  • Senior Movie Night

    Senior Movie Night

    Friday, April 19th

    Discovery practice field

    Gates open 7:30pm, movie starts 8:00pm

    Snacks for $1 each (cash only)

    Bring a blanket, pillow, chair, etc!

  • Prom

    This year’s Junior/Senior Prom will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 7:00-11:00pm at the Fox Theatre
    (660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

    Prom Tickets and Guest form information are available on GoFan.

    Questions about prom can be directed to the Junior Class Sponsors: Mrs. Sandy Darrell and Mrs. Saneen Sayyad. 

    You can also find more information about prom on the Discovery High School Prom website: https://www.gcpsk12.org/domain/6605   

  • Yearbook & Senior Ad

    Pay your senior dues by January 31st and your yearbook is included! 
    Yearbooks will be delivered in May.
    Please visit YearbookOrderCenter.com today, and use code 13766 to purchase. If you have any questions, please reach out to Lacole Flemister using this email: Lacole.Flemister@gcpsk12.org .
    The Discovery Yearbook now has a presence on social media!

    Look for discoyearbook on the following platforms:

    We also have a page on Facebook:
    Discovery Yearbook

  • Senior Counseling Appointments

    Counseling Appointment Requests

    Our Senior Appointments are a VERY IMPORTANT part of making sure that students are provided VALUABLE information about graduation, preparation for college entry, and many other topics. Senior Appointments are a time when each senior and their parents will have an individualized one-on-one appointment to discuss each senior’s current progress toward graduation. Your cap/gown and diploma will NOT be ordered until you have your meeting with your counselors. 

    Senior counseling appointments will begin in September. 

    Please be sure to check your GCPS GSuite email for messages from your counselor throughout the year.  

    Your cap/gown and diploma will NOT be ordered until you have your meeting with your counselors.

  • Senior Portraits

    Attention seniors, parents, and guardians,

    It is now time to schedule your senior portraits through Cady Portrait Studios! You MUST have your Senior Portrait taken by Cady Studios BY DECEMBER 1ST in order to be included in the yearbook and in the graduation slideshow. Taking your Senior Portrait is the 1st step toward commemorating your 2024 graduation. Please complete the tasks below as soon as possible, as session appointments fill up pretty quickly.

    1. Please go to cady.com/schedule
    2. Read all of the information listed on the Cady Studious website (linked above) and follow the directions to register with Cady to schedule your photo session (their website lists tons of information, be sure to read it all).
    3. The “Simple Session” only costs $30 and will allow you to have your Senior Portrait Yearbook photo taken, includes 1 casual background shot and a cap and gown shot
    4. Note: All photo sessions will be held at Cady Studios in Dacula (1700 Winder Highway – 9.5 Miles from Discovery High School)

  • Advisement Meetings


    Thursday, October 12, 2023

    There will be two rotations by academy during advisement.

    Your advisement teacher will receive an email from Dr. Hardman regarding the times and rotations.

    Miss the meeting or need to revisit the slides for more info? Scroll through the slide deck below:

    10/12/2023 Senior Class Slides by Danielle Malcom

  • Senior Walk

    Discovery High School Senior Walk will be Tuesday, May 14th @1:10pm (during 6th period).

    Please note, your 2nd and 3rd period finals are that morning!

    Check in with your 6th period teacher for attendance, and wait for the announcement before leaving the classroom.

     Bring your graduation regalia (cap, gown, tassels, stoles, cords, etc) and meet in the Commons.

    PARENTS/FAMILIES: Please park in the lot near Old Norcross Road and walk to the Titan Stadium.

    Seniors will walk the building to show off their graduation spirit for our underclassmen first, then they will walk out to the Stadium so parents and families can cheer them on!  Seniors who plan to ride the bus will be released from the stadium first. Seniors who plan to leave with their parents/families will need to stay in the stadium until AFTER buses leave.

  • Graduation PRACTICE

    Titan Seniors!

    Graduation practice will be TUESDAY, May 21st at 12:00noon.  
    -->Arrive ON TIME!  Students MUST attend graduation practice in order to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.  Make sure you have a ride to and from the school!
    -->When you check-in, you will be directed to your row & seat (remember this!! It will be the SAME at graduation, so remember who sits next to you on both sides AND which teacher is in your row)
    --> Immediately go find your row number and seat, Sit down & stay there!
    -->Practice will take 2-3 hours. You cannot leave early or you will not get your tickets to graduation. You will receive your 12 guest tickets, yearbook (if applicable), parking pass, and senior gift at the END of practice.
    -->You MUST pay any overdue fines/dues/fees and turn in your laptop BEFORE you receive these items.
    --> You do NOT need to wear your graduation attire for practice.  But....if you plan to wear high heels, you might want to bring those to practice walking up the stairs and across the stage!

    AFTER practice, 
    1. You will be dismissed by rows, so sit still.

    2. While you wait to be dismissed, use your phone to access the Discovery eClass homepage.

    -->If you have a GREEN CHECK with your name above it, you may go straight to the AUX gym to pick up your tickets, parking pass, senior gift, (and yearbook if you paid dues by 1/31). 

    -->If you DO NOT HAVE A GREEN CHECK, you must report to the media center to turn in overdue items or pay the fines.  Fines can ONLY be paid using your MyPaymentsPlus account.  NO CASH OR CREDIT CARDS. Once you pay via MPP, bring your receipt and green check to the AUX gym to confirm payment and receive your stuff.

    Go ahead and check this now so you know what to dig for under your bed, at the bottom of your backpack, in your little sister's toy box, etc!  

    Note: If you haven't turned in your laptop, please remember to bring the charging cable or they will fine you for that too!  

  • Senior Final Exams AND 2nd Semester Final Exam Exemption Status

    Senior Final Exam Exemption: (updated 4/26)

    Senior students’ grades will be reviewed by the end of day on Monday, May 6th, 2024, to determine and verify eligibility for final exam exemption(s). Seniors who qualify for exemption must complete and submit a senior final exam exemption permission slip signed by parent/guardian by Friday May 10th.  Senior final exam exemption status will be posted on eClass announcements by Monday, May 13th.

    Note: Not all seniors are eligible to exempt finals. 

    • Honor grads (students with a cumulative GPA of 90 or higher) must have a 70 in the class in order to exempt the Final Exam.
    • Non-honor grads must have a 90 in the class in order to exempt the final exam.
    • Students who meet exemption status can exempt District Assessments and Local Final Exams. Students cannot for any reason exempt EOCs.
    • Students in AP level courses must have a raw 70 (if honor grad) or 90 (if not an honorgrad) to exempt the exam; the 10 points for taking an AP class do not apply here.

    Students who are not eligible to exempt final exams are expected to attend classes and take their final exams as scheduled.

    Final Exam Schedule (2nd semester): updated 4/26

    Tuesday, May 14th: Seniors take 2nd and 3rd period finals.

    Wednesday, May 15th: Seniors take 5th and 6th period finals.

    Thursday, May 16th: Seniors take 4th and 7th period finals.

    Friday, May 17th: ALL 9-12 students take 1st period final.

    Monday, May 20th: 9th-11th graders take 2nd and 3rd period finals (Seniors may come for make-ups/remediation).

    Tuesday, May 21st: 9th-11th graders take 4th and 5th period finals (Seniors may come for make-ups/remediation).

    -->Tuesday is also the date of GRADUATION PRACTICE from 11:45am-2:15pm.

    Wednesday, May 22nd: 9th-11th graders take 6th and 7th period finals  (Seniors may come for make-ups/remediation).

    Saturday, May 25th: Graduation @ 2pm in the Gas South Arena.

  • Cap and Gown Pick-up

    ALL students who paid by Sunday, 4/21 at 11:59PM will have a cap & gown at the on-campus delivery in the Commons during lunch ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: 
    Tuesday, April 23rd during ALL lunches.
    Friday, May 3rd during ALL lunches.
    Friday, May 10th during ALL lunches.<-- LAST OPPORTUNITY TO PICK UP.
    • Cap, Gown, Senior shirt, and Yard sign will be delivered.
    • Pay your dues here: https://www.scholasticimages.com/ 
    • If you would like to "adopt a senior" (aka-pay for their dues, prom ticket, etc), please see Dr. Wagar & Dr. Black.

    Any student who pays starting Monday, 4/22 or later will have their gown shipped directly to them from Scholastic Images to protect us Senior Sponsors from having to chase down more students as we get closer to graduation!

    Graduation Cap and Gown Clip Art - Graduation Cap and Gown Image

  • Motivational Speech

    Theme: Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

    Motivational speeches due May 1st at 3pm.

    The motivational speaker will be announced soon.

  • Graduation

    Graduation will be at Gas South Arena on Saturday, May 25th at 2:00 p.m.  

    Senior sponsors and setup staff report at 11:30am

    Teachers report at 12:00pm

    Seniors report at 12:30pm

    Graduation Attire: Once you receive your cap/gown, remove the gown from its individual package as soon as possible to allow wrinkles to fall. If needed, press the gown with a cool iron or warm steam before wearing it. You may NOT decorate your cap/gown.

     Bring the following items with you to graduation:

    • Cap\Gown, silver stole and tassel

    • Students will only be allowed to wear Discovery High School approved honor cords and stoles during the graduation ceremony.   (See Dr. Hardman if you have any questions.)


    •  Wear dresses or top/skirt combo without excessively full skirts; if you prefer, you may also wear pants.

    •  If your dress, skirt, or pants can be seen under your gown, it would be best to wear a dark color since your gown is dark blue

    • Wear shoes that match your gown as best as you can. High heels are NOT recommended for reasons of safety and comfort. Remember, you will have to do A LOT OF WALKING, INCLUDING WALKING UP A LOT OF STAIRS

    • No jeans, tennis shoes, or flip flops are allowed. 


    •  Wear DARK (black or navy blue) slacks, DARK (black, navy blue or brown) shoes, DARK socks.

    •  Wear a neatly-pressed, dress shirt and tie.

    •  No jeans, joggers, or pants with elastic at the bottom, tennis shoes or flip flops.

    ALL seniors:

    • Students dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

    • Please do not bring any personal belongings with you. Arrange for a parent or trusted friend to hold your belongings during the ceremony (this includes cell phones, purses/handbags, etc.) You will NOT be allowed to bring these items in the arena. If you have keys, keep them in your pocket or clip them on a lanyard and tuck under your gown.  

    • All graduates and guests will be required to go through metal detectors and will be searched for contraband upon entry into the arena.

    • No air horns, other noise makers, beach balls, or balloons, etc are allowed.

    • The Infinite Energy Arena has a CLEAR BAG policy for guests. Please tell your families to plan accordingly so that they don’t miss the ceremony having to walk back to their car to put away their bag/purse/etc. 

    • All items not approved will be taken at search and you will not be allowed to pick it up until the next business day.

  • Honors Night

    Senior Honors Night: Thursday, April 25th from 6:00-8:00pm @ 12 Stone Church-Buford Drive location
    • Questions? See Dr. Hardman & Ms. Sullivan 

  • Accepted to College/Military/Career? Tell us about it!

    Have you been accepted to a college, military or career? Click HERE to tell us about it and we'll showcase your slide in the scrolling announcements!

  • College, Career, Scholarships, Financial Aid, and FAFSA Info

    Want more information about college scholarships?

    Access this website: https://www.gcpsk12.org/Page/13484

    Want more information about College Financial Aid and FAFSA Info?

    Access this website: https://www.gcpsk12.org/Page/13483

  • Dual Enrollment

    Questions about Dual Enrollment:

    Email Mr. Loree


    or go see him in room 106.


    Questions about SAT/ACT?

    Email Mr. Loree


    or go see him in Room 106

  • Community Service Hours

    Questions about Community Service?

    Please contact Mr. Loree for more info.

    Seth.Loree@gcpsk12.org or visit him in room 106.

  • Transcript Requests

    Info will be available soon...

  • Senior Exit Survey

    Login to your GCPS Student Portal, click "Graduate Exit Survey" in the additional resources column.  Do this by 3/29