• Discovery Dress Code

    • Dress Code
      o Purpose: To promote a positive and educational learning-ready environment in which students focus on mastering
      the AKS in preparation for success in college and career.
      o Students must enter the building in dress code and remain appropriately dressed all day.
      o If students dress inappropriately, they will receive disciplinary action.
      o If students do not have appropriate clothing to change into, they will be given the opportunity to work on
      assignments but they will not be permitted to go to class or circulate the building.
      o Students may contact parents to bring different clothing but will still receive disciplinary action for not
      dressed appropriately.
      o Students are expected to comply with the following dress code:

    • Headgear is prohibited in the building. This includes, but is not limited to, caps, hats, hoods, bandanas, wave
      caps/ doo-rags, head-scarfs, beanies, or any other head covering.

    • Headgear, including ball caps/visors, must be kept in student lockers during school. Headgear may
      not be fastened to belts, belt loops, book bags, or any other item and may not be worn as an accessory.
      Head scarves may be worn as a headband but not as a head covering. That is, head scarves may not cover
      most of 
      the head. School Administration will make exceptions to this rule for religious or medical reasons.

    • Sunglasses may not be worn over the eyes while in the building (unless a medical note is provided).

    • Blouses, shirts and tops are to be worn so undergarments are covered. No tank tops, halter tops, strapless
      tops, or spaghetti straps are allowed. Blouses, shirts, and tops that expose cleavage or any portion of the
      waist, hips or midriff are not allowed. (If you raise your arms and the stomach shows or you sit down and
      lower back is revealed, the top is inappropriate.

    • Other blouses, shirts, and tops that are not appropriate for school include, but are not limited to, low-cut,
      through, backless, or tube tops. Rips or holes are not allowed in blouses, shirts, and tops.

    •  Boys must wear shirts at all times, including during P.E. and athletic practice, whether inside or outside
      of the building.

    • All clothing must be worn properly and undergarments, including bra straps and underpants, should not be

    • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be an appropriate length (no higher than mid-thigh), even when leg
      coverings are worn underneath.

    • Waistlines of shorts, skirts and pants MUST BE ON OR ABOVE THE HIPS/WAIST with
      no undergarments or other clothing showing under the pants or skirts. SAGGING pants are
      NOT allowed.

    • No skin should be visible through rips, holes, tears, or frayed fabric on any clothing above mid-thigh.

    • Skirts, dresses, pants or other outer garments with slits above mid-thigh are NOT acceptable.

    • Oversized and/or baggy pants or shorts that a student must hold up with a hand are never appropriate
      and ties may be used with students to keep baggy pants, shorts or skirts at the waist.

    • Health regulations and safety factors require that shoes be worn at school at all times. House slippers
      are never appropriate.

    •  No pajamas or sleep/lounge wear of any kind are allowed to be worn at school, including
      slippers/house slippers. (Please come to school prepared to learn not to sleep.)

    • Blankets may not be worn in the building. If students choose to wear blankets to school, they
      must store them in their lockers during the school day.

    • Jeggings, leggings, tights or other garments resembling these garments must be worn with tops,

    • Skirts, shorts, or dresses that completely cover the buttocks and front.

    • Students are not allowed to wear clothing or display images or symbols of drugs or alcohol, including
      images of marijuana, or display images that are sexually provocative in nature.

    • Jewelry or accessories that may be used as weapons are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to,
      chains—including wallet chains, spiked rings, shoes, wrist bands, chokers, etc., two or three finger rings
      that are joined and bulky chains worn around the neck or waist. Sharp objects that could pose a danger,
      such as straight pins and safety pins, are not allowed on clothing or book bags.

    • Students are not allowed to wear clothing or display images or symbols that have been commonly
      identified with gangs. Garments, jewelry, body art and tattoos that communicate gang affiliation are
      prohibited at school, and no item may be worn in a manner that communicates gang affiliation.

    • Gang related attire includes, but is not limited to, the following: students rolling up one pant leg, long
      bulky chains and necklaces, gang-styled belt buckles (belt buckles which have Old English script letters
      and symbols), large oversized pendants on necklaces and chains, bandanas, altering clothing from its
      original form to change the names and/or intended marking on the clothing, sweatbands, and draping
      articles of clothing, towels, or other objects out of pants pockets, over the shoulder, or around the neck

    • All belts must be properly fastened around the waist. The belt should not be excessive in length and
      should not be hanging from either side of the body.

    • All students should be dressed in symmetrical fashion. Students may not wear clothing or
      accessories in a manner that would distinguish a particular side of their body.

    • Writing on the body and face painting/decorating, except for regular use of make-up, is prohibite


    A student will be required to change clothing if, in the judgment of the administration, a student is

    • dressed inappropriately. Additionally, any student dress and/or appearance that may not be stated specifically in this code, but that the administration deems distracting or disruptive, will not be permitted. 
    • The Discovery High School Student Dress Code is subject to updates and changes at any time during the school year as additional apparel becomes identified as inappropriate. You should consult the Discovery High School web site frequently to learn about changes to this code. 
    • This dress code is available in English and Spanish on the Discovery High School web site.
    • Exceptions to the Discovery High School Student Dress Code may be made only by the principal or the principal’s designee.

     Dress Code for Homecoming and Prom

    • Formal attire is required for both Homecoming and Prom.
    • The following are not acceptable attire for Homecoming or Prom: Dresses with hemlines that are above mid-thigh, tight (clinging to the body), revealing (see through, low cleavage or low back), or with high splits on the front, side or back of dresses/skirts.
    • Also, jeans, do-rags, scarves, caps, and sagging pants are not appropriate.