• Chorus

  • Discovery High School offers 5 choral ensembles that include nearly 140 students. The ensembles include students from all grade levels and span a wide range of musical experience. Students begin in either Beginner Women’s Chorus or Men’s Chorus to establish a foundation in music reading and vocal technique. After spending at least one year in one of these classes, students can further develop their skills in Intermediate Women’s Chorus, Advanced Women’s Chorus, and Chamber Choir. Placement into these ensembles is based on auditions held every spring. Every year, students from all ensembles are featured in several concerts hosted at the school and at various community events. Select students also perform in events such as Large Group Performance Evaluation and District Honor Chorus.

    The 2018-2019 Chamber Choir was selected as a featured choir at the 2018 Georgia State SingFest. The chorus program has had continuous success at Large Group Performance Evaluations. The program is directed by Brandon Baker who has been at Discovery High School since the Fall of 2016.

    For more info, reach out to Mr. Baker