• Gifted Information

  • The gifted program at Discovery High School is designed to provide the gifted student with appropriate opportunities to excel in the classroom.  Among the curriculum options available to gifted students are gifted level classes, AP classes, and Gifted Internship classes.  Many academic clubs and teams are also options for DHS gifted students.

    A gifted student who leaves the program must wait one year before retesting to be readmitted.  A student who leaves a public school gifted program within the state of Georgia to enter a private school or a school in another state and remains in that system for one year or more must retest to be readmitted to the gifted program upon returning to a public school.  For more details about the testing process, contact Jennifer Mansour, Sandy Darrell or a counselor.

  • Gifted Classes

    Gifted classes in the four core areas provide an advanced curriculum and are taught by teachers with gifted certification. Classes are usually limited to 21 students.

  • Advanced Placement Classes

    AP classes are offered in a variety of subject areas as a means of preparing students to take and pass college-level examinations in a given area of study.  These classes are taught by teachers who have completed AP certification courses in the field they are teaching.  For a complete listing of available courses, students should meet with a counselor.

  • Academic Teams

    Discovery offers many opportunities for the gifted student to participate in challenging competitions as a member of one of a number of award-winning academic teams.  For a complete listing of teams, a student should see his counselor or talk to a teacher in his chosen field of interest.

  • Gifted Testing

    Students wishing to test for possible entry into the gifted program at DHS should see a counselor or Jennifer Mansour. Students must be referred for testing in one of the following ways: teacher or counselor referral, standardized testing results, parent referral, self-referral, a transfer from a gifted program outside of Georgia or from a private school gifted program.  Students transferring from a public school gifted program within Georgia are eligible to enter the program under the reciprocity rule.  After the referral committee has reviewed a student’s records and has approved that student for testing, he must obtain a parent signature on a Permission to Test form to begin the testing process.  Gifted testing in the areas of mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation will determine placement or non-placement.