• Environmental Club

  • Club Sponsor: Danielle Malcom

    Meeting Info: We meet every Thursday in Room 304

    Our Mission: We are a group of people looking to raise awareness of environmental issues and to incite motivation in the general public to follow our example. We hope to teach students and faculty the importance of reducing our environmental impact as individuals and as a community.

    All members must register and sign waivers using the  Google Form link below before you may participate in any activity with our club:



    • You MUST fill this out with a parent/guardian present.

    • This MUST be completed BEFORE you participate in ANY activity with us.

    • Note: activities hosted by other groups may have their own waivers you must fill out.

    Club Dues:

    $25 Dues

    Login to your MyPaymentsPlus.com account and search for "Environmental Club Dues"

    →Deadline December 1st.

    --> Dues pay for club shirts and materials needed for activities throughout the year.


    Club shirt design contest:

    Feeling creative and environmentally inspired?

    Want to design our environmental club shirt?

    Create a digital design and email it to Mrs. Malcom Danielle.Malcom@gcpsk12.org by November 1st.

    Community Service:

    Always document your hours TWO ways.

    First, write your hours on your Community Service log sheet (you can pick up a copy from Mr. Loree's office in room 106). When you fill up the sheet, turn it into Mr. Loree and grab a new sheet.

    Second, complete this Google Form to document your hours worked for Mrs. Malcom's club records. https://forms.gle/DMHS2jv4ZhtWaTxm7 

    September Calendar:

    7-Sep   2:15pm 4:15pm room 304

    garden (wear clothes/shoes that can get dirty,

    bring water bottle)

    14-Sep   2:15pm 4:15pm room 304 adopt-a-road
    21-Sep   2:15pm 4:15pm room 304 garden 

    (wear clothes/shoes that can get dirty,

    bring water bottle)

    28-Sep   2:15pm 4:15pm room 304 paper and plastic recycling
    30-Sep   8:00am 12:00pm Bethesda Park Yellow River Trash Bash


    Yellow River Trash Bash info:

    Sign up using this google form link: https://forms.gle/2WQ3bkh7fY6XHoiNA

    Print and sign both waivers and bring them with you to the event: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g6BtO1rhONhB9RxNK-YZlM6vK91HkIzf/view 


    Discovery Recycles!

    Teachers and staff,

    Environmental Club will be recycling paper, plastic, and glass this year.
    Please complete this Google Form to let us know if you need any collection boxes for your room and we will deliver them to you.
    Once you receive your recycling boxes, we kindly ask that you remind students to 
    --keep your paper, plastic, and glass recycling separated 
    ---rinse plastic and glass before placing in recycling bins
    ---do not place trash or cardboard in the recycling bins.

    Go GREEN Titans!!

  • Our new Composting Program is live!!

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