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    The Advanced Placement (AP) program offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses in high school, with the potential to earn college credit at many colleges/universities by passing the corresponding exam at the end of each course. 

    • Standardized AP exams are administered in May of each year to measure student understanding and mastery of content and skills related to each course. 
    • AP teachers engage in 30 or more hours of content-rich training designed to strengthen how they teach their AP courses, and there are a wide variety of resources available to teachers and students for each AP course offering.  
    • The AP program at Discovery is an open program.  Any student who has the desire, motivation, and perseverance is welcome in an AP course! \

    Taking AP courses/exams not only better prepares students for college but can also save valuable time and money. 

    • Earning credit for these courses can mean not having to take them in college, which could open up a student’s schedule and mean not having to pay for that course. 
    • Taking AP courses also helps a student to stand out in the college application process as many colleges consider the rigor of a student’s coursework as a determining factor in the admissions process. 
    • You can search the credit policies of colleges on College Board’s website (Click Here) to determine which credits different colleges accept.









  • AP Exam Schedule/Registration

    2024 AP Testing will take place from Monday, May 6th to Friday, May 17th.  

    Click HERE for the complete AP Testing schedule for 2024. 

    AP Exam Terms & Conditions(Students taking AP Exams) The 2024 AP® Exam Terms and Conditions are available to review at cb.org/apexamterms.

    This agreement details the rules and policies students must follow related to taking the 2024 AP Exams.2024 AP Exam Dates – AP Central | College BoardAP Exams are administered each year in May. Find dates for each exam here.

  • AP Summer Assignments

    Info for 2024-2025 School Year: 

    Is your student taking an AP Class next year?

    Check out this LINK  to see if there is a summer assignment or any helpful information about the course that can better prepare your student for the class. All you have to do is click on the name of the course, and it will take you to a slide with information and/or links provided by the teacher.

    This will be updated throughout the summer by teachers and is the best way to get any important announcements or information.

  • AP Testing Attendance Permission Form

    Info will be updated prior to 2023-2024 AP Exams.

  • Current Course Offerings/Teachers

    As students are determining which courses they would like to take next school year, keep in mind:

    Exposure to advanced coursework increases graduation and college-going rates. Research shows that students who take AP courses and exams have better college outcomes than their peers who don't take AP. The latest findings also indicate the value of scores beyond earning college credit.

    Half of students entering four-year colleges are now starting school with some credit from AP courses. Determine whether AP is right for your student and ensure he/she is given that advantage.

    For additional information about AP classes offered at Discovery, visit the following link (also located under the Teaching and Learning tab) to view our AP Planning presentation: Welcome to the AP Planner

    For Core classes, including Math, Science, Language Arts, & Social Studies, students will need to discuss AP opportunities with their current teachers. 

  • Preparing for the AP Exams

    The AP Exam Terms and Conditions are available to review at cb.org/apexamterms.   

    • Students will need to accept these terms and conditions prior to taking each exam. 
    • Any updates to the terms and conditions will be clearly summarized on the terms and conditions page. 
    • AP students will receive email reminders from College Board to review these terms and conditions at cb.org/apexamterms before the exam administration. 


    Note:  For AP Art and Design students, there are separate Art and Design AP Exam Terms and Conditions, available at cb.org/apartdesignterms.  Students will need to accept these terms before submitting their artwork through the Art and Design web application.