• Quien Soy Yo

  • Club Sponsors:  Andrea Robles-Lewis 

    Meeting Info: Monthly meetings at DHS (Thursday evenings - per parent surveys that indicate parent availability)


  • Mission Statement: To bring together Spanish-speaking students to promote unity and to celebrate their cultures through social activities that encourage leadership, cultural connectedness, promote the value and use of the Spanish language, and provide support to the Latin American community at Discovery High School. 

    Vision Statement: To promote increased involvement of our Latin American students through activities that involve their parents and community members, as well as to provide activities that support and meet requirements of the DHS Title I program and promote community engagement, including distributing information regarding opportunities for increased academic success, opportunities to support families, and encourage participation at school events and activities. 

    Membership: open to all students of Spanish-speaking origin, students enrolled in Spanish language classes, students interested in learning more about the Spanish-speaking culture and language

    Proposed activities:

    • Clothing drives
    • Planning, preparation, and participation during Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Spanish Language Movie Night - Coco/Book of Life/other approved movie
    • Paint sugar skulls during Dia de los Muertos in October
    • Authentic Spanish-speaking potluck/culture night (during Hispanic Heritage Month)
    • Have a Literacy Night in December - students read Spanish-speaking Christmas stories to younger students and celebrate other activities, Christmas songs, arts and crafts, treats
    • Celebrate Dia de los Reyes Magos in January (Latin American version of Santa Claus)
    • Career night with Spanish-speaking leaders in the community
    • Game night with traditional games
    • Promote fund-raising activities to build a scholarship fund
    • Celebrate ESOL students with personal stories, share experiences, promote awareness
    • Community service
    • Celebration of arts and talents
    • Dance presentations/competitions
    • Celebrate South America