• PBIS is a framework that allows students the opportunity to develop and learn social, emotional and behavioral competence, which supports their academic engagement.

    We aspire to develop a positive, safe environment that fosters strong interpersonal relationships between peers and educators through teaching and modeling.


  • We are Ready

    Titans are present and engaged.

    Titans have necessary materials.

    Titans eat breakfast.

    Titans arrive on time.

    Titans dress appropriately.

  • We are Respectful

    Titans use inside voices. 

    Titans remove head coverings.

    Titans respect differing opinions.

    Titans are supportive of classmates.

    Titans stop for the pledge and moment of silence.

  • We are Responsible

    Titans have one earbud out.

    Titans follow school rules.

    Titans own our actions.

    Titans keep moving in halls.

  • We are Role Models

    Titans are kind.

    Titans dress for success.

    Titans do our own work.

    Titans set positive examples.

    Titans are active participants.

  • PBIS f2f

  • Our Purpose

    The purpose of schoolwide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. 

  • Our Goal

    The goal of PBIS is to teach behavioral expectations and reward students for following them.

  • What are PBIS Points?

    Students earn PBIS Points when they display any of the Titan traits.  Teachers are looking to reward students for being:

    • Ready
    • Respectful
    • Responsible
    • Role Model

  • What can we do with PBIS Points?

    Students who have earned a certain amount of points (5,10, etc) are entered into a monthly drawing for prizes. Prizes include: Disco Swag, School Supplies, Gift Cards, Snacks & Drinks . Drawings are held the last Friday of each month. Starting in February, students can use their points for the PBIS store to purchase Disco Swag, School Supplies, Snacks & Drinks. Students can now view points on StudentVue.