• Accelerated Programs and Gifted Education, K-12

    Gifted education programs provide academic challenges by extending GCPS’ AKS. The gifted program is called FOCUS at the elementary school level, PROBE at the middle school level, and is referred to as gifted education and QUEST in high school. Students participating in the program in grades K-5 may receive instruction in resource, cluster and/or advanced content classes. Middle and high school students receive instruction in advance-content classes. Students are identified and placed in gifted education based on criteria established by the Georgia General Assembly and the Georgia Board of Education. Students who transfer from gifted education programs within the state will be placed into the Gwinnett program, providing the original placement was completed correctly. Students who transfer from out of state must meet Georgia requirements. Parents should notify the school of their interest in the gifted education program at the time of registration. The gifted program teacher at the local school will review the student’s educational records and discuss the records with the parents. For more information, contact the local school or call the Gifted Program office at (678) 301-7020.

    The gifted education program stresses five areas: 

    1. AKS extensions 
    2. advanced content
    3. research and reference skills 
    4. communication skills 
    5. metacognition/cognitive strategy development

    Fundamental to GCPS’ curriculum for gifted students are learning experiences that develop the use of thinking strategies and processes. Instruction that develops thinking strategies enables students to make informed decisions, to understand and apply concepts, to make reasonable judgments and to define, create and implement problem solving skills.


  • Keena Ryals-Jenkins