Emergencies and Anonymous Tips

  • Reporting Emergencies

    • To report a non life-threatening emergency or to make a police report, parents should call 770-513-6715.

      In a life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1.


    GCPS has partnered with P3 Campus to provide an Anonymous Tip tool. 

    We now have 3 ways to contact us without disclosing your identity: 

    1. Go to www.p3campus.com/5105 and complete the tip form.
    1. Scan this QR Code and download the GCPS Tips app for your Apple or Android device and use it to communicate with School Leadership anytime you become aware of something you think they should know about!  You do not have to provide your name.

    1. The GCPS Tip Line is also available.  Please call 770-822-6513 or Text GCPS to 738477 to help keep our schools safe!

    If you believe someone may be considering self-harm, if you think someone may be carrying a weapon, drugs, or alcohol on school property, or if you believe that you or someone you know have been the target of violence or threat of violence, or have witnessed violent or threatening conduct by another person, please let us know using any of the available resources.

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    Other Important Telephone Numbers for Reporting:

    Violence/Threats/Crime— First, call Local School Principal, then call Safety and Security at 770-513-6715

    Student Discipline— First, call Local School Principal, then call the Office of Student Discipline at 770-513-6607

    Racial Discrimination/Sexual Harassment— First, call Local School Principal, then call Title IX Coordinator at 678-301-6811