Student Data Management

  • Jeff Robertson Director

    Student Data Management supports the mission of Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) by providing a variety of applications and support services to our school staff, students, and parents. It is committed to the stewardship of data by managing the data collection programs and data integrity through the use of established data standards that meets or exceeds the highest expectations in data governance, and data quality practices.

    Some of the applications we provide are:

    • Student Portal, allowing students to see their class schedule, grades, available eTextbooks, and links to learning applications
    • Parent Portal, allowing parents to see their child's class schedule, grades, attendance, behavior, and assessment information
    • Student Information System for school staff and Gradebook for teachers
    • Generating report cards and transcripts
    • Providing numerous reports, graphs, analytics of student data to show a 360 degree digital view of each student's educational record and progress

    Some of the services we provide are:

    • Managing student and teacher data used by various applications
    • Leading data stewardship best practices for school staff
    • Seeking continuous improvement by collaborating with school staff to provide technology that supports student achievement

    Each staff member in the department is highly skilled and keenly focused on supporting our schools.  We take pride in the accomplishments of our school level staff and students, knowing that we support them daily as they strive for excellence.