Become a Partner

  • Interested in becoming a Partner in Education? Businesses, civic and social organizations, college and university groups, and government agencies may become a Partner in Education. Partners may choose to work with a class, a school, a number of schools, an entire cluster, or a system-level program such as fine arts or mathematics.

    The possibilities for partnerships are as numerous as there are students in Gwinnett! Each school has different needs, based on its students and existing resources. Likewise, each business partner is different in what it hopes to accomplish with a school. That is why Gwinnett does not follow a “cookie cutter” approach to partnerships.

    Possible partnership projects could include:

    • Tutoring students
    • Offering students internships or part-time employment that connects to what they are learning in school
    • Presenting career seminars for students and staff development opportunities for teachers
    • Working with the PTA and school leaders to support school initiatives
    • Sponsoring field trips
    • Designing instructional programs that teach students about a concept or business

    Businesses and organizations also may want to provide financial resources for scholarships, supplies, special projects, and student/teacher incentives.

    Through its partnerships with business and community organizations, GCPS builds positive connections. These partnerships bring business people and community members into the schools where they learn firsthand about education in Gwinnett County Public Schools. It is the mutually beneficial nature of these relationships that contributes to the success of our schools and the partnerships.

    Any business or organization interested in partnering with a school can contact the school principal directly. To learn more about partnership opportunities, please visit or contact Aaron Lupuloff within the district’s Foundation Office at (404) 405-6471.