Special Education Internship

  • Model. Reflect. Teach.

    Teacher with students in a Chattahoochee ES classroomThe Special Education Internship Program is an innovative way to engage and further develop aspiring special education teachers.  Interns are current university/college students in their last year of school.  During the program, interns will work collaboratively with a Master Teacher for an established time frame and reflect on effective instructional and behavioral strategies supportive of students with disabilities.



    The intern experience will provide a realistic job-preview with embedded professional learning throughout the program.  Professional learning will focus on instructional/behavioral strategies, trauma-informed instruction, and teacher effectiveness measures.

    At the conclusion of the internship, if successful, interns will receive a stipend of $4,000.00 upon signing a contract to teach in a special education classroom. 

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For more information, view the Special Education Internship video:

  • Learning By Observing

    Two teachers talking togetherInterns will work alongside an experienced and dynamic special education teacher.  The teacher will model effective instructional and behavioral strategies, help the intern apply the new knowledge/skills, and provide feedback.

  • Exploring the New Norm

    Given the necessity for teachers to be agile, flexible, and prepared for anything, interns will be affordedTeacher standing next to seated student the opportunity to engage in teaching that is delivered in various formats-- face-to-face and virtually.

    Interns will then reflect on what was modeled, ask questions, and get feedback from the Mentor Teacher.

    Teacher working with students virtually

  • Bringing It All Together

    Interns will commit to applying their new knowledge and skills by teaching in a special education classroom in an identified cluster/school.  They willTwo teachers working with a special needs student teach students with disabilities and have the opportunity to connect with their Mentor Teacher when needed.

  • Fall 2022

    November 28 - December 16, 2022

    Interns will report to a school and work alongside an experienced special education teacher and learn how to effectively deliver instruction to students with disabilities in a virtual/face-to-face environment.

    Successful Fall Interns will transition to a special education teaching position on January 4, 2023.

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  • Spring 2023

    April 12 - May 25, 2023

    Interns will work along side an experienced Mentor Teacher to learn the most effective instructional/behavioral practices and how to close-out the school year.

    Successful Spring Interns will transition to a special education teaching position for the upcoming school year.

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  • Apply To Be An Intern

    Upon Successful Completion of Internship...

    Successful interns will earn a commitment stipend and transition into a special education teaching position upon graduating from their university/college and signing a special education teaching contract.

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  • Why Teach in GCPS? Teacher "Benefits!"

    Posted by Keysha Robinson on 8/10/2020

    All GCPS teachers and staff are afforded a generous benefits package which includes our "Hidden Paycheck" and two retirement packages.

    To explore more GCPS benefits, please review this infographic.

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  • Why Teach in GCPS? Teacher "Relocation Options!"

    Posted by Keysha Robinson on 8/7/2020

    Gwinnett County is a diverse community that is thriving and growing. GCPS Teachers and staff can find affordable living options throughout Gwinnett. So, if you like a "work, eat, live" modern community or a traditional suburban experience, Gwinnett County has it all!

    Visit Partnership Gwinnett to learn more about new community developments in Gwinnett and the community as a whole.


    If you want to start with an apartment or if you are ready to buy a home, GCPS Teachers will have access to living accommodation resources and discounts. Click on the PDF document for relocation options.

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  • Why Teach in GCPS? Teacher "Perks!"

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    All GCPS teachers and staff have access to a wide variety of "Teacher Perks". The perks are provided through our GCPS Foundation as a THANK YOU for the dedication and hard work our teachers do every day.

    Teachers will always have access to discounts for electronics/internet, health/wellness, beauty, mortgage assistance, insurance, entertainment, home improvement/repair, travel/vacation, and many more.

    Join our World-Class Team of Teachers to start saving today!

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