• Mathematics - Secondary Education

    Gwinnett County Public Schools mathematics program is committed to excellence in mathematics teaching and learning for all students. We are committed to teaching the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) in order to develop students into confident and competent mathematical problem solvers who have a deep conceptual understanding of numbers, can compute, think critically, and communicate their thoughts and mathematical reasoning effectively.

    Mathematics is a cornerstone of opportunity. The underlying themes of problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning, and communication that bridge everyday language to mathematical language and provide connections to real life situations are woven throughout the mathematics curriculum. At each level, students are not only expected to become proficient in appropriate computational skills, but also to be actively involved in constructing and applying mathematical ideas. By using physical models, manipulatives, “hands-on” activities, and technology, students are participating in concrete experiences that provide them opportunities to solve problems. As students move through these experiences and gain conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas, they move to more advanced levels of thinking and explore more sophisticated mathematics.

  • Deborah Johnson