Frequently Asked Questions about the math sequence

  • GCPS has aligned its math curriculum to the state's recommended updates. The school district extends a number of math pathways to support student success and flexibility within the curriculum. The following questions and answers will help families and students as they make decisions about math courses and academic scheduling, starting in the 6th grade.

    Choose the Math Path that's right for your student!

  • How is the new math sequence different from the math courses GCPS students take now?

  • Will the new sequence affect students in K–5?

  • How will I know which path is best suited to my child’s career goals?

  • What is the difference between “accelerated” and “enhanced”?

  • If I miss the selection period in the 7th grade, will a path be chosen for my child? Who makes that choice, and how do they decide?

  • If we missed the opportunity to choose a path before 8th grade, do we have to wait until the end of 9th grade to choose again?

  • My child struggles in math, and these options all seem too advanced. Are there any alternatives?

  • Will students need to be tested to see if they’re ready to take the enhanced path?

  • If we choose a path that proves to be too challenging, will my child have access to support until they are able to switch again?