• 12th Grade Curriculum

  • Language Arts Sequence

    12th Grade LA: 12th grade students will take 12th Brit Lit & Comp, Multicultural Literature, Dramatic Writing, OR AP English Literature.

    Points to Remember:

    All students must take and pass 4 years (8 semesters) of Language Arts courses to graduate.

    CHHS offers a “hybrid” section of Honors/Gifted 12th Grade Language. Course content is delivered using both face-to-face instruction and online learning. Registration instructions will be provided to current 11th grade students during spring semester.


    Yearbook (Journalism)



    Social Studies Sequence

    12th Grade Social Studies:  12th Grade students will take ONE SEMESTER of Economics OR AP Macroeconomics AND ONE SEMESTER of American Government OR AP American Government.

    Point to Remember:
    All students must take and pass 3 years (6 semesters) of Social Studies courses to graduate (World History, US History, Economics and American Government)


    AP Psychology


    AP Human Geography

    SS Sequence Overview


  • Science Sequence

    12th Grade Science:  12th Grade students will take an ELECTIVE science course as their 4th year of science.

    Point to Remember:

    All students must take and pass 4 years (8 semesters) of science courses which include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and an additional credit of science electives.

    The following courses are offered at Collins Hill HS and meet the 4th year of science graduation requirement:

    AP Biology (if taken in addition to Biology)
    AP Chemistry (if taken in addition to Chemistry)
    AP Computer Science
    AP Environmental Science
    Food for Life
    Forensic Science
    AP Physics II (if taken in addition to Physics)
    AP Physics C - Mechanics


    Anatomy and Physiology

  • Math Sequence

    Important Points to Remember:

    All students are required to take four units of mathematics, including Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II or their equivalents for graduation.

    "Accelerated" does not mean "honors" or "gifted." It means that the students will encounter more content at a faster pace.

    Mathematics courses are not weighted, other than AP courses and math classes beyond AP Calc (i.e., students cannot get honors credit or receive a grade higher than 100 because of an accelerated class credit).

    Math Sequence Overview

  • High School Graduation Requirements