• Hospital Homebound Services


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    A student who has a medically diagnosed physical condition restricting him/her to his/her home or hospital for a minimum of ten consecutive school days may be eligible for Hospital/Homebound/Teleclass instruction.

    Service to eligible general education (non-handicapped) high school students may provide three hours of homebound/teleclass instruction per week. Minimum service will provide instruction in the core subjects of mathematics and language arts. However, instruction in other areas may be provided based on the availability of funding to support instructional personnel. (The Homebound/Teleclass program is not structured or funded to replicate a student’s entire course schedule.) Some courses are not suited for delivery through a homebound setting due to the technological and participatory demands of the course curriculum. 

    An evaluation of the student’s eligibility is based on the student’s medical diagnosis by a physician and by the duration of consecutive absences. Students who must be absent for ten consecutive school days or more, as certified by a physician, are eligible for homebound services. In the case of projected absences (e.g. subsequent to surgery) the request for services can be made prior to the occurrence of the absence along with the date a student may begin homebound instruction. The physician MUST give an approximate date the student may return to regular school.  A request for homebound services must be accompanied by the principal's or principal’s designee’s signature and parental approval.

    General education students whose absence is projected for more than 20 consecutive school days may be referred by the Student Support Team to review and develop reasonable and appropriate plans for meeting the student’s educational needs. Such students, for example may be referred for evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services, such as “Other Health Impaired” programming.  

    Students may meet with their guidance counselor upon their return to school as determined by the release date the student’s physician provides.