• Academic Pathway Recognition


    These forms are due by Friday, February 18, 2022!

    CHHS, in order to recognize students at graduation for Pathway completion, has created a tiered recognition system that includes a seal, pin or medallion. We offer many Pathway opportunities to our students and this is designed to applaud the hard work and dedication that students have put into their classes and our community.  


    In order to receive recognition for completion of Pathways at graduation and/or on a diploma, certain requirements must be met, with each level having more requirements than the previous. There are three levels of recognition:

    • First level is a seal of Completion that goes on the diploma
    • Second level is a pin of distinction that can be worn at graduation
    • Third level is a medallion that can be work at graduation


    Students may complete more than one Pathway however, paperwork for each Pathway must be completed separately.  Pathway completion forms can be found below:

    Academic Pathway Verification Form

    CTE Pathway Verification Form

    Fine Arts Pathway Verification Form

    World Language Pathway Verification Form

    cSTEM/RISE Pathway Verification Form