• CHHS Hybrid Courses


    Hybrid courses are a mix of both in-person, synchronous learning and online, independent learning.  Courses will meet 1-3 times per week but could meet daily based on student performance needs. 


    Schedule:  Hybrid courses are scheduled in either a morning block (1st & 2nd Period) or an afternoon block (6th & 7th Period).  Both blocks will consist of a language arts class and a social studies class.


    Expectations for Hybrid Learners

    1. Students will attend all in-person learning sessions.
    2. Students will provide their own transportation to campus if enrolled in the morning block or home from campus if enrolled in the afternoon block.  Students cannot stay on campus or the Media Center during independent learning days.  Discipline may be assigned if students are on campus but not in their assigned hybrid class.
    3. Students will complete independent work on-time.  If a student is not completing the work, they will be required to attend in-person with the teacher until they are caught up.
    4. Students will communicate with teachers through their GCPS Google email.


    Courses Offered:

    • 12th Grade Multicultural Literature & American Government / Economics
    • 12th Grade AP Literature & 12th Grade AP American Government / AP Macroeconomics
    • 11th Grade American Literature & US History
    • 11th Grade AP Language & AP US History