• Academic Planning

  • Academic Planning

  • Students have many opportunities for enhancing and enriching their education as well as recovering credits as necessary. Every student is unique, and the best plan for one student may not be the best plan for another student. Our counseling team works in conjunction with teachers, students, and parents to create the most appropriate plans for each of our students. Before making major academic decisions or making up courses, students should first meet with their counselors to discuss options. For basic information regarding specialty academic programs, recovering credits, and general academic information, please see the information to the right. 

  • Graduation Requirements

    (See the GRADING SCALE and more here.)

    Students are required to obtain at least 23 credits to graduate. Credits earned must satisfy all of the following categories:

    • Language Arts: 4.0 Credits
    • Math: 4.0 Credits
    • Science: 4.0 Credits
    • Social Studies: 3.0 Credits
    • Business/Technical Ed/Fine Arts/Foreign Language: 3.0 Credits
    • PE: 0.5 Credits
    • Health: 0.5 Credits
    • General Electives: 4.0 Credits

    Promotion Criteria

    • Promotion to 10th grade: 5.0 Credits
    • Promotion to 11th grade: 11.0 Credits
    • Promotion to 12th grade: 17.0 Credits


    • Gateway is no longer a graduation requirement. 

    Additional Information

    • While foreign language is not required to graduate, it IS an admission requirement for all four-year colleges and universities. 
    • Students can earn up to 3.0 credits per semester. 
    • Students can earn 0.5 credits per class per semester.

  • Making Up Credits/Earning Extra Credits

    There are several opportunities for students to recover credits for failed courses or earn extra credits outside of Collins Hill. Please review the options below and click the links for more information regarding registration deadlines and course options. Before making any decisions, we encourage students to talk with their counselor to ensure they are making the best choice for their individual needs. 

    Credit Recovery at Collins Hill High School

    Credit recovery is offered several times throughout the year. Students who receive a final grade between 50-69 in eligible academic course may enroll in credit recovery courses. Eligible students should receive a personalized informational flyer before each credit recovery session. Please note that credit recovery is NOT NCAA eligible. Students may sign up during announced sign-up times. This program is currently free to students. 

    Gwinnett Online Campus

    Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) is Gwinnett County's online education platform. Students may take courses to get ahead or they may make-up a previously failed course. GOC's online courses offer flexibility to work at the time of day which is best for their schedule; However, the courses are not self-paced. Students are expected to adhere to teacher-directed deadlines, due dates, and exams. GOC courses have real teachers behind the courses that offer full support to students. The cost is $250 per 0.5 credit course. For more information, please visit the Gwinnett Online Campus website. 

    Phoenix High School

    Phoenix High School is a Gwinnett County school that offers "7th period" courses that take place after a student's school day. Phoenix utilizes mini-semesters, called "minimesters," in which students can complete courses in half the time of a traditional semester. Phoenix offers two minimesters in the fall and two minimesters in the spring. The cost is $150 per 0.5 credit. For more information, please visit the Phoenix High School website.

    Summer School

    GCPS offers face-to-face and online summer school options for students. All GCPS summer school options take place over a three-week period. For the face-to-face option, students will attend a 4-hour morning session and/or a 4-hour afternoon session, and each 0.5 credit course has a cost of $250. Students may also utilize the face-to-face option to make up courses through credit recovery with a cost of $100 per course. Students have the opportunity to take courses at one of three Gwinnett high schools. Schools options rotate each summer. For more information, please visit the GCPS summer school website. 

    Students may also take summer school courses online through Gwinnett Online Campus at the cost of $250 per 0.5 credit course. 

    Georgia Virtual

    Georgia Virtual offers a variety of courses throughout the fall, spring, and summer. All coursework is completed online. Georgia Virtual has 18-, 16-, 14-, and 12-week options in the fall and spring, and 5- and 6-week options in the summer. The cost of each 0.5 credit course is $250. Please visit Georgia Virtual's website for more information.  

    Additional Options

    For options other than those listed above, please see your assigned counselor.

  • Dual Enrollment

    Collins Hill offers many various opportunities to earn both high school and college credits through our Dual Enrollment Program. Click here see our Dual Enrollment section for more information.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

    AP Courses are another opportunity provided to students to earn college and high school credits at the same time. Students must pass the AP exam associated with the course they're taking. Please refer to specific colleges of interest for information regarding what AP scores they will accept and what classes they will give credit for. For more information regarding AP and the most up-to-date information regarding AP procedures and expectations, please see the Collins Hill AP information page. Course offerings are subject to change relative to student interest and class enrollment. 

    • Arts
      • AP Art (Specific course varies depending on interest)
    • English
      • AP English Language & Composition (11th grade)
      • AP English Literature & Composition (12th grade)
    • History & Social Sciences
      • AP Human Geography
      • AP World History
      • AP US History
      • AP Macroeconomics
      • AP Goverment
      • AP Psychology
    • Math & Computer Science
      • AP Calculus AB
      • AP Calculus BC
      • AP Statistics
      • AP Precalclus (currently through Enhanced Advanced Algebra course)
      • AP Computer Science Principles
      • AP Computer Science A
    • Sciences
      • AP Biology
      • AP Chemistry
      • AP Environmental Science
      • AP Physics I: Algebra-Based
      • AP Physics II: Algebra-Based
      • AP Physics C: Mechanics
    • World Languages & Culture
      • AP French Language & Culture
      • AP German Language & Culture
      • AP Spanish Language & Culture
      • AP Spanish Literature & Culture

  • Maxwell High School of Technology

    Maxwell High School Logo

    In partnership with business, industry, labor, and parents, Maxwell High School of Technology provides students with appropriate academic, technical, and employment skills designed to offer a seamless transition for students to college and/or career. Maxwell High School partners with high caliber professionals with real-life experiences that can be transferred directly to student learning. Learning environments focus on hands-on learning, and students are frequently connected with community resources and professionals in the fields they're interested in. Students have the opportunity to earn 3-4 credits over the course of a year, in addition to the 3.0 credits they will earn at Collins Hill. Please see the link to Maxwell's webpage below for information about programs offered! 

    The program is open to rising Juniors and Seniors. Students may apply through e-class. Please see the Maxwell website for more information on when the application opens. 

    Collins Hill provides transportation to and from Maxwell. 

    For more information, please visit Maxwell High School of Technology's webpage. 

  • Grayson Tech

    Grayson High School's Technical Education Program is a state-of-the-art technical education facility that offers 12 career pathway programs to explore. Students have the opportunity to earn 4 total credits per year in addition to the 3 credits they will earn at CHHS during the year. Please see the Grayson Tech website link below for information on programs offered.

    The program is open to rising juniors and seniors. Students should apply through eclass. Please see the Grayson Tech website for information on when applications are open. 

    Collins Hill currently provides transportation to and from Grayson Tech for the AM session.

    For more information, please visit Grayson Technical School's website.