• Admission of Expelled or Suspended Students

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    (Policy JDF) The Gwinnett County Board of Education may decide not to admit a student into the school system who has been suspended or expelled from another school system during the period of such suspension or expulsion.

    Before an entering student will be excluded for the operative suspension or expulsion period, the Gwinnett County Board of Education will hold a pre-admission hearing to determine whether the cause for a particular student’s suspension or expulsion from another school system would justify suspension or expulsion from the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

    A certified copy of the other school system’s order of suspension or expulsion shall be obtained.

    If the student’s conduct would have justified suspension or expulsion from Gwinnett schools, the student may be barred from admission for such time as is authorized by the school system’s rules governing long term suspension. This same process will be used to determine school admission enrollment eligibility for students who pose a threat to the school community.

    State Law: Students in sixth grade or higher transferring to a new school will be required to provide academic and disciplinary transcripts to school officials. Students will be required to disclose conviction of designated felony acts and whether they currently are serving a suspension or expulsion from another school, the reason for same, and the term of the consequence. Schools can refuse to admit students under disciplinary action from other school systems. In lieu of compliance, a student may be admitted on a conditional basis if s/he and the parent or legal guardian executes a document providing the name and address of the school last attended and authorizing the release of all academic and disciplinary records to the school administration (O.C.G.A. 20-2-670).