7th Grade | Spanish

  • Area of Focus

    7th grade Spanish is the first half of the Carnegie Unit for Spanish 1. Students receive high school credit for this course and will dive into vocabulary and grammar surrounding themes students interact with daily.

    Students will be able to

    • Exchange simple spoken and written information in Spanish
    • Conduct brief oral and written exchanges in Spanish
    • Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken and written language presented through a variety of media in Spanish
    • Present information orally and in writing containing a variety of vocabulary phrases and patterns
    • Identify perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures where Spanish is spoken

    Vocabulary topics students will be able to discuss are…

    • After school activities
    • Using adjectives to describe themselves and others
    • School and classroom vocabulary
    • Describing location
    • Feelings
    • Time, numbers 1-100
    • Meals, food
    • Asking questions

    Grammar points students will utilize…

    • The verbs, gustar, ser, tener, estar, ir, and regular –ar, -er and –ir verbs
    • Subject - verb agreement
    • Noun - adjective agreement
    • Definite and indefinite articles