8th Grade | Business Technology

  • Area of Focus

    Business Flow Chart

    • Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry
    •  Apply technology as a tool to increase productivity to create, edit, and publish industry-appropriate documents
    •  Demonstrate proficiency in word processing through creating, editing, and publishing professional-appearing business documents
    •  Analyze and integrate leadership skills and management functions within the business environment
    •  Demonstrate understanding of the concept of marketing and its importance to business ownership
    •  Use professional oral, written, and digital communication skills to create, express, and interpret information and ideas
    •  Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship through recognizing a business opportunity, how to start a business based on the recognized opportunity, and basics of how to operate and maintain that business
    •  Understand, interpret, and use accounting principles to make financial decisions
    •  Develop effective money management strategies and understand the role and functions of financial institutions
    •  Research and interpret the various risks involved in operating a business while determining the role of insurance for a business
    •  Examine basic human resources and the legal aspects of a business while incorporating the methods into business practices
    • Analyze the relationship between leadership development, school and community service projects with a career in the business and technology industry
    •  Demonstrate appropriate use of literacy skills