• Lanier Middle School will provide students the support to become innovative and successful citizens in a globally competitive and ever-changing society.


      • Lanier Middle School will prepare students to engage academically, socially, and emotionally in order to learn, lead, and succeed in college and career endeavors.

      Strategic Goals

        •  Ensure a safe and secure environment
        •  Provide relevant, rigorous, and engaging instruction
        •  Incorporate innovation into every aspect of teaching and learning
        •  Facilitate a socially conscious environment
        •  Continue to evolve with emerging instructional technologies
        •  Maintain and grow a faculty dedicated to the organization
        •  Provide purposeful feedback to students and parents in a timely manner
        •  Communicate effectively with the school community
        •  Nurture positive, social, and emotional growth through every interaction
        •  Analyze local, state, national, and international data to inform instruction and optimize student achievement