8th Grade | Health

  • Areas of Focus

    • Provide first aid in an emergency situation
    • Analyze the influence of media and technology on health related behaviors
    • Analyze the influence of peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on safe behaviors
    • Utilize decision making and communication skills for protection from violent situations
    • Establish a list of personal health goals and develop a plan for achieving each
    • Summarize protective practices for infectious and noninfectious disease
    • Scrutinize messages that promote alcohol consumption and practice strategies for personal safety as
      it relates to alcohol
    • Describe the effects of alcohol on the individual and community and identify community resources
      for help with alcohol abuse
    • Create a healthy diet based on personal goals and the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    • Implement healthy decision making skills with interpersonal relationships and social media
    • Describe the relationship between abstinence, self-esteem, and reduced risk of pregnancy and STD'S
    • Describe the circulatory and digestive system