6th Grade | Health

  • Areas of Focus

    • Analyze temperature related emergency situations and explain prevention strategies and treatment
    • Maintain safety on the internet and research local support systems
    • Demonstrate the ability to use decision making skills and goal setting strategies to enhance health
    • Identify the characteristics of non-infectious disease as well as strategies for prevention and
    • Practice effective refusal skills to avoid drugs with a focus on tobacco, marijuana and inhalants
    • Understand the harmful effects and legal consequences of abusing tobacco, marijuana and inhalants
    • Cite the connection between health behaviors and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies,
      asthma and cancer
    • Identify personal triggers for eating behaviors
    • Assess nutritional value of fast foods
    • Describe how self-image affects the ability to maintain healthy relationships with others
    • Identify the parts of the male and female reproductive system
    • Identify a variety of indicators that demonstrate the onset of puberty
    • Identify the parts and functions of the nervous, endocrine, and respiratory systems