• Artificial Intelligence

    Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is an area of study that deals with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. Artificial Intelligence sits at the intersection and synergy of critical components from a variety of fields including programming, data science, mathematical reasoning, creative problem solving, ethics, and applied experiences. Careers that require Artificial Intelligence skills (machine learning, data science, programming, etc.) are on the rise and many careers that have existed for years, like Data Analyst or Software Developer, are shifting and growing in industries designing Artificial Intelligence solutions. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence is the introductory course to the Artificial Intelligence pathway, which prepares students to better understand common Artificial Intelligence applications and to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems using advanced technologies. This introductory course explores the foundations of Artificial Intelligence in society and the workplace, including programming, data science, mathematical reasoning, creative problem solving, ethical reasoning, and real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence. Students will learn the foundational skills to understand how to both interact and develop Artificial Intelligence solutions in a variety of settings. 

    Artificial Intelligence Concepts

    Artificial Intelligence Concepts is the second course in the Artificial Intelligence pathway. Students will build upon their foundational understanding of Artificial Intelligence from course one and deepen their understanding of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning concepts. The course continues to explore the elements from course one, with an emphasis on using data science and programming to solve problems. The course requires students to explore real-world applications, potential benefits, and problems, as well as ethical considerations. Students will work to design potential solutions to problems using learning from this course.

    Artificial Intelligence Applications

    Artificial Intelligence Applications is the third course in the Artificial Intelligence pathway. This course deepens students' understanding from courses one and two by requiring students to design and apply Artificial Intelligence solutions. The course focuses on creating functional, real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence using machine learning. Students will apply professional software development tools and processes to solve problems using elements of machine learning, with an emphasis on embedded computing systems. Students enrolled in this course should have successfully completed Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence Concepts. After mastery of the standards in this course, students should be prepared to take the end of pathway assessment in this career area.