• DATE: Saturday, March 16th 

    LOCATION: Ramsey Conference Center at Lanier Tech        2535 Tech Drive, Gainseville, GA 

    TIME: 8-11 PM

    TICKETS: All tickets must be purchased on MyPayments Plus. Tickets are on sale for $75 through February 14th. Ticket prices will increase to $85 on February 15th and to $95 on March 1st. No tickets will be sold the day of Prom. Prom ticket fees/payments are NOT part of Senior Dues. Tickets are non-refundable and not transferable. Each student attending prom must present a photo ID in order to enter prom. This can be a school ID as long as it is a picture ID. 

    In MPP there are THREE prom ticket options for purchase. Please make sure you are purchasing the correct ticket. 

    1. Seckinger High School student ticket
    2. Seckinger guest ticket for Seckinger students (this is if you are purchasing a ticket for a guest who attends Seckinger High School)
    3. Guest ticket for a non-Seckinger student *this ticket requires a separate form to be filled out which is attached below.

    GUEST TICKETS: MUST be purchased by a current Seckinger Senior or Junior and the guest must accompany that person at the door. ONLY ONE GUEST ticket per student ticket is allowed. 

    All Seckinger students who are attending prom MUST complete the rules form to acknowledge the expectations of prom. This is linked below. 

    Seckinger Student Rules Form LINKED HERE

    Non-Seckinger Student Guest Form LINKED HERE. These forms can also be found in the front office and attendance office. 


    For additional questions, please contact your Prom Sponsors

    Lexi Hubbard     lexi.hubbard@gcpsk12.org        Lindsey Monteon   lindsey.monteon@gcpsk12.org