• Class of 2024 Graduation Information


  •  Class of 2024 Graduation
    May 22, 2024
    Markham Field
    *Gates open at 6:00pm

Arrival, Parking, & Dress Code

    • Students need to be in the Commons by 6:00pm. Due to limited parking on campus, students can be dropped off, or they can park down the street at 12 Stone Church on Braselton Highway. We will have charter buses shuttling them to campus. The shuttles start at 5pm and will end at 11pm. Students SHOULD NOT park on campus, unless they are riding with invited guests.
    • Students will be checked in by administrators upon arrival. Students do not need to be wearing their caps and gowns upon arrival, as they will be checked for any banned items and adherence to the dress code. Please be sure to review the dress code and other rules and guidelines. These rules will be strictly enforced. Once cleared by an administrator, students should put on caps and gowns. 

Graduation Guidelines

  • Please do not bring balloons, beach balls, Fat heads, cow bells, air horns, or any other disruptive noise making devices or items that could block or impede the view of others to graduation.  This is a formal ceremony not a sporting event and we ask that everyone be respectful of the occasion.

    Students may NOT DECORATE their cap in any way.  This includes cap toppers.

  • Graduation practice

    Attendance at graduation practice is mandatory for students to participate in the graduation ceremony. Practice is typically scheduled the morning of Graduation in the Commons. Students must make arrangements to attend and be present for the entire practice.  

    Practice will take 2-3 hours. Students must make arrangements to attend and be present for the entire practice. If any emergency arises to prevent a student from attending practice, contact Mr. Holbrook (A112) or Mrs. Summerlin (A104) immediately. Students who do not practice will not march.

    Students do not have to dress up for practice.  We recommend shorts and a comfortable shirt. 

  • Graduation tickets

    • Each graduating senior will be allotted 10 tickets for the ceremony. Every person, regardless of age, needs a ticket.
    • Four tickets will be blue and six will be brown. Both blue and brown tickets can be used for the ceremony in the stadium. If there is rain or other inclement weather, we will make every effort to have the ceremony on Wednesday in the stadium. However, if for any reason, the event has to be rescheduled or moved indoors, the ticket allotment may change. The blue tickets will be used for a rescheduled indoor event, so be sure to keep that in mind with those tickets. The brown tickets will not be allowed for an indoor event. We will communicate any necessary changes as needed but hope it won’t be necessary!

     Please note: Tickets will be handed out to the seniors at the end of graduation practice for security reasons.

  • Graduation seating

    • Stadium gates will open @ 6:00 pm. Parking and seating are first come first served. There will be parking and seating for people with physical disabilities. There will also be golf carts circulating the parking lot to help escort those who need assistance. Please note that guests will not be permitted to park on campus until 4pm and that a clear bag policy will be enforced for stadium entry. 
      • Balloons, coolers, beachballs, fathead posters, cowbells, or any item that could take away from the enjoyment of the ceremony for other guests will NOT be permitted to enter the stadium. Stadium chairs are allowed

    Please note: We are live streaming the graduation, so this is another option for anyone who might be uncomfortable or unable to sit in the heat for an extended period of time.

  • Live stream of graduation

    Mill Creek's graduation will be live-streamed. Please note, the broadcast will not go live until the ceremony begins.

    The live stream link will be posted here the week of graduation.

  • Refreshments

    The concession stand will be open selling water and sodas. The money will go to the athletic department. No coolers are allowed inside the gate.

  • Diploma distribution

    At the conclusion of the ceremony, students are to report to the rear of the gym to receive their diplomas.  Only faculty and members of the graduating class will be allowed in this area after graduation.  There will be no exceptions. Parents and guests may wait for seniors at the top of the hill leading to the back of the gym.

    No one is allowed on the football field after the ceremony!  You must meet your senior after they pick up their diploma.

  • Where can I find my senior after graduation?

    Parents please have a plan on where to meet your senior after they pick up their diploma. Seniors will not have their phones, so a planned meeting place is necessary. We have many spots to meet your senior; flag pole, ticket booth, front of school, field house, steps from parking lot, side entrance of school, etc.