• Visual Arts 


  • Students at Mill Creek excel at the visual arts in a broad range of visual art courses.  Our students win numerous awards for their art at the local, county, state, national, and even international stage.

    We strive for excellence and are passionate about teaching art!

    Visual Art Comp I / 2D and Visual Art II / 3D (9th – 12th graders)
    This is the prerequisite for ALL advanced art classes.   It is recommended to take this course 9th grade if you are hoping to complete a visual art pathway.

    Advanced Art Courses (for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders)
    Drawing and Painting I and II
    Sculpture I and II
    Graphics I and II
    Photography I and II
    Student must complete one year of an advanced course before taking an AP course.       

    AP courses (for 11th or 12th graders)
    AP Drawing
    AP 2D Art and Design
    AP 3D Art and Design

    Holly Adams teaches AP 3D Art and Design, Sculpture I and II, Visual Art II / 3D.

    Carisa Griffin teaches Photography I and II, Graphics I and II, Visual Art I / 2D, Visual Art II / 3D.

Happy Flowers sunflower painting