• Math

    4 credits of math are required to graduate

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Tutoring Assistance

  • Before/After School:

    Each teacher has their own tutoring schedule, which should be on his/her syllabus.  Also, each subject has a tutoring schedule so that students will be able to get help even if their teacher is unavailable.  The tutoring schedules for specific classes are below.  Students in AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, or Multi-variable Calculus should see their teacher to schedule an appointment for tutoring.

    During Lunch:

    The first of half of their lunch period, students can go into the auxiliary gym to receive one on one tutoring for any subject. It is encouraged students do this any time they need some extra help.  However, students can’t miss homeroom for this tutoring.

Accelerated Math Program

  • There is not an honors math program as there is in other core subjects.   We do offer an accelerated math program.  An Accelerated math class means those students cover 1.5 years’ worth of math in one year.  The pace of the courses is very fast and recommended only for those who can quickly understand new math concepts and who are willing to put in the work to keep up with the pace.  Trying to jump from college prep to accelerated from one school year to the next results in a gap of curriculum that the student will be missing, and also results in students having to adjust to a much faster pace of learning. It is not as simple as it might have been in the past to make this jump.

Advancement Placement

  • The Mill Creek Mathematics Department offers Advanced Placement (AP) Courses in Statistics, Calculus and Computer Science. These courses are available to all students that meet the course prerequisites. The course prerequisite for AP Statistics is the successful completion of Int Alg 2. The course prerequisite for Calculus AB or BC is the successful completion of Precalculus.