• Drop/Add
    April 12-May 24, 2024

    Students can view their current course selections in StudentVue-Course Requests. The Course Requests you are viewing are a list of courses you have requested.  It does not mean these are the courses that we will be able to schedule for you. Many factors affect scheduling, including staffing, physical space limits, prerequisites, and conflicts with other courses. We will contact you if the courses you have requested have a conflict. 

    CLASSES THAT DID NOT MAKE (meaning not enough students signed up for the course): Graphics I/II, AP European History, African American Studies w/American Indian Studies, African American Studies w/ Asian American & Pacific Islander Studies, American Indian Studies w/ Asian American & Pacific Islander Studies and AP French.

    PLACEHOLDERS: some classes have "placeholders" (example: MCHS online classes, yearbook, newspaper, etc.) Link to placeholder classes

    All registration resources along with the classes we offer are available on our website.
    Click on registration and the appropriate link. https://www.gcpsk12.org/MillCreekHS

    Drop/Add Request Form

Important Information

  • By completing the Drop/Add Form both student and parent understand:

    • This serves as both a student and parent signature and provides approval to MCHS to make the course change(s).
    • You must complete this form for each class drop/add you are requesting (Example: You want to drop your LA class and your Math class, to do this - you must complete the form twice). Please do NOT make multiple requests on this form.
    • Drop/Add requests are not guaranteed and will be granted based on a variety of factors including prerequisite met, teacher approval, application completion, space available, etc.
    • Override: If you are requesting an override, to a higher or lower level course than what the teacher has recommended, you are providing permission for your student to register for the course even though the current teacher and school do not recommend placement in this course. An example of a higher-level request: College Prep to Honors. An example of a lower-level request: Honors to College Prep. If you are overriding the teacher's recommendation, you are taking responsibility for success and understand that the course will not be changed next school year if the student is not being successful (can still make a change during drop/add).
    • Elective Course Options: Rising 9th Graders - Hawk Guide, Rising 10th-12 Graders - Elective Flipbook
    • AP Course Request: If you are requesting an AP class, you are agreeing to the MCHS AP Contract and understand that your commitment to AP is for the entire school year. Check out the AP Courses Offered at MCHS: 

    ** Please NOTE: you may see some changes from your registration form submitted in February. Changes have been made due to available space, prerequisite not met, course success, etc.

  • 9th Drop/Add Graphic

    10th/12th Drop/Add Graphich

  • What is Drop/Add?

    An opportunity for students to drop a class(es) they no longer want and to add a class(es) they do want for the 2023-2024 school year.

  • When is Drop/Add?

    Drop/Add Begins: April 14th

    Drop/Add Ends: May 26th

  • Why would I need to participate in Drop/Add?

    There could be many reasons:

    • You want a different level (For example, you are registered to take 11th LA CP and you want to change it to 11th LA Honors).
    • You no longer want to take a course that is listed and want to replace it with a different course (Example: when you registered you wanted to take Weight Training and now you want to take Team Sports)
    • You should have 13 total course requests (Homeroom + 6 classes). Homeroom is a one-year-long course number, then your 6 classes are equal to 12-course numbers (6 for the first semester and 6 for the second semester). There are a few exceptions to this, including students enrolled in the EPIC program, Maxwell/Grayson Tech, Work-Based Learning, and/or our AP Combo class  (AP Physics I/II).

  • How do I see my classes for 2023-2024?

    Student classes are listed under course request in StudentVue.

  • How do I request a change to my classes for 2023-2024?

    Complete the DIGITAL Drop/Add Form between April 14-May 26, 2023.

  • Is this the LAST opportunity I have to make changes?

    YES. Drop/add requests are open from April 14—May 26, 2023. There will be NO changes during the summer or next school year.

  • If I'm not doing well in a course, what should I do?

    • The first step is to speak with your teacher and set up a time before school or after school for extra help.   
    • Mill Creek offers a variety of tutoring opportunities during lunch, before school, and after school (check with your current teacher to find out specific dates and times).  
    • If you need additional support, please schedule an appointment with your counselor and they will discuss the next steps to take, including scheduling a parent/teacher/student conference to create a support plan.