Blended Learning Powered By GOC

  • Powered by GOC logo Gwinnett Online Campus will continue to be a leader in digital design as GOC delivers transformational instruction across the district. Since becoming a full-time online/blended school in 2011, the leadership team at Gwinnett Online Campus has developed numerous innovative blended learning models currently implemented throughout Gwinnett County Public Schools. Our Center for Transforming Instruction supports the development of teachers across the district to assist in leading the Powered By GOC Programs. Gwinnett Online Campus has won an international award for the Personalized Learning Course Design and the success of this instructional model for the future.

    Blended Learning in Personalized Learning Lab

Center for Transforming Instruction

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    The Center for Transforming Instruction will build the capacity of GCPS teachers to support our Powered By programs and expand blended online learning models across the district through specialized training focused on best online learning practices; teachers who complete this professional development will receive all necessary training to serve as a GOC online teacher at their local school to deliver GOC digital content in the blended classroom. Using a variety of blended online learning models, these teachers will serve as the teacher-of-record while also monitoring instruction. The professional development course required to begin this process is called the Gwinnett Online Campus Teaching Institute.

    Gwinnett Online Campus Teaching Institute

    This course is designed to provide an introduction to the basic functions of Desire to Learn (D2L) which is the learning management system used on our campus to deliver instruction. This learning experience will provide you with the initial background needed to begin teaching online courses. The GOC Teaching Institute is a five week course offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Once completed, participants become eligible to participate in the Student Teaching Experience. 

    Please contact David Wise, our Center for Transforming Instruction facilitator with any questions.

Elementary Blended Model

  • Blended Classroom

  • A glance into an elementary classroom. GOC partners with Knight ES to provide Blended Learning Classrooms at the 4th grade level. Both face-to-face and online instruction using full digital content takes place each day.  

    Student achievement is high and this model shows tremendous promise to expand to other elementary schools throughout the district.

Middle School Blended Model

  • HUB

  • Dr. Johnson at McConnell Middle GOC has developed a blended middle school model in which local middle schools partner with GOC to deliver online courses to face-to-face students in two different models. The first model is a whole class approach in which students all take the same GOC course together during the school day. The second model is an a la carte model in which many students take a variety of classes at the same time. Both models utilize a GOC teacher as the teacher-of-record and a local school staff member monitoring the students.

    Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) and McConnell MS are partnering to provide a blended learning experience for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  A teaching team is trained to deliver GOC content during the regular school day in a special classroom environment designed for Blended Learning.

Middle & High School Supplemental Program

  • Supplemental Program

  • GOC teacher working with students face-to-face. Per GA Senate Bill 289, students enrolled in any Georgia school can take up to five online classes as part of their regular school day. GOC serves as the GCPS provider for SB 289. The variety of courses that GOC offers goes beyond what a typical high school offers, such as trailer courses, block courses, and various electives and pathways, providing students with more options to earn credits.


    Click HERE for our Middle Grades Supplemental Virtual Orientation.

    Click HERE for our High School Supplemental Virtual Orientation.

GOC High School Centers

  • Centers

  • Students working at GIVE GOC Centers are located in thirteen high schools to facilitate GOC classes; students take online courses during their regular school schedule with support from a trained facilitator/teacher in a GOC Center specifically designed for blended instruction. These Online Centers provide the opportunity for students to take one or more online classes in a classroom designed specifically for virtual learning.

    Click HERE for our High School Supplemental Virtual Orientation.

GIVE Centers

  • GIVE

  • A GIVE classroom GOC provides online courses in classrooms designed to support student success. Designed similar to GOC Centers at the high schools, GOC’s work with the GIVE centers has helped lower the dropout and truancy rates by helping students stay on track for graduation as they work through online courses.

    Click HERE for our High School Supplemental Virtual Orientation.

Gear Up

  • Gear Up

  • A PE class The Gear Up program serves 8th graders in two middle schools who are not on track for graduation by providing additional Carnegie unit courses to catch them back up to enter high school on track for graduation. GOC provides GOC provides several Carnegie credit courses; in addition to acting as the online teacher-of-record, GOC teachers provide face-to-face instruction 1-2 days per week.

    Click HERE for our Gear Up Virtual Orientation.