General Information

  • The Gwinnett County Online Campus Social Studies courses teach the same AKS and Indicators of Achievement that are taught in all Gwinnett County Public Schools courses.

    Please note that our history and AP level courses are reading intensive. When determining how much time you will spend working on your course per day, you need to account for how quickly you read and how computer proficient you are as well as how quickly you are able to type. On average students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day during a semester, 120-150 minutes per day while taking a block course during a semester, and 240 minutes per day during a summer semester. Our courses can be accessed 24/7, which allows students to work ahead. We generally do not accept late work unless the student has a documented emergency or an excused absence from school. This is to ensure that the students stay on pace with the class and successfully complete the course requirements by the end of our semester.


  • All instructors will hold at least one virtual session a week. The specific day and time will be posted on the home page of the course. These chats are designed to enhance student mastery of the AKS and to provide an opportunity for remediation, reinforcement, and extension. Students are required to attend these chats or listen to the chat recording within 48 hours.

Materials Pickup Information

  • Certain social studies courses require students to pick up textbooks from our campus. These materials can be picked up during our scheduled materials pickup times each semester.

Civic Engagement Diploma Seal

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